F-INSAS : Indias Future Infantry Soldier Project

Discussion in 'Indian Army' started by Manmohan Yadav, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. abhishek giri

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    i dont see this happening any time before 2030 as it is the indian arms deals are stuck with red tapism and the likes and it is not even confirmed by the army on exactly what it wants ... instead of jumping to star wars tech our soldiers should be given light bullet proof vests that really stops bullets and does not compromise free movement of the soldiers .. assault rifles that are not 2 long n are actually designed to kill unlike the insas (actually meant for injury) likewise helmets , and helmet attached radio etc...
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  2. halloweene

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    Injuring is a desired effect as it immobilizes several combattants instead of one.
    Btw new Kalshnikov is unveiled : the Ak12

    from Kalashnikov AK-12 Unveiled | The Firearm Blog

    Kalashnikov AK-12 Unveiled


    Izhmash has officially unveiled the first working prototype of the AK-12 Assault Rifle. According to Max Popenker there will be two models, a Light model (5.45x39mm, 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm) that accepts all magazines that work with existing AK rifles, as well as a new 60 round quad stack magazine, and a Heavy (7.62x51mm) model that will use a new magazine.

    The rifle's major new features are ...

    Ambidextrous forward charging handle.
    Smaller ejection port.
    New safety switch.
    New fire control switch with three modes of fire (single shot, 3 round burst and full auto).
    New hinged top cover. The cover is a lot more rigid that the previous AK rifles.
    Quad picatinny rails.
    Folding and length adjustable stock.
    Ergonomic pistol grip (with a decent radius between trigger guard and grip).
    New muzzle brake that attaches to standard NATO 22mm threading.
    Improved barrel rifling.

    Whilst it is not pretty, in fact it is downright ugly, it possess all the features of the latest western assault rifles.

    [ Many thanks to Russian Surt & Max Popenker for providing information. ]
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  3. Vritra

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    ^^^My question still stands, halloweene: have you ever fired a 6.5 grendel or 6.8 round before? I read a Janes' article stating that the 6.5 was the perfect compromise between the 7.62 and the NATO 5.56, especially relevant for urban combat.
  4. halloweene

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    Nope :hang2: I know ppl who did. And they said the same. However, France (small army) will not go to a diff caliber from NATO, india could.
  5. halloweene

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    Let make you dream about a FAC : He want to unveil a target using his wasp III microdrone. Aerial conditions do not allow it. COP send him a mini drone, he takes control of it. Using Puma A/E drone, he extracts coordinates of moving targets, send them threw a hardened main unit through its Black Diamond vest to his PRC 152 sat radio to a plane. Plane reco gives him back images from his rover receiver he combines with his drones'. Confirms target. Plane shoots. (teaser for future thread, at your keyboards mates to get what i said, homework)
  6. halloweene

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  7. Vidyanshu Shekhar Jha

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    are whole 12 lakh army personnel getting finsas upgrade ????
  8. halloweene

    halloweene FULL MEMBER

    Probably not, too expensive. But as non indian i cant be sure....
  9. halloweene

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    One thing you must see, i recently worked on a project. A single FAC (forward airforce controller) soldier will have more then a million dollar of equipement on his back...
  10. harish.bandari

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    How does it compare with the tavor? How about having this also in our list for F-INSAS, or maybe HK416?

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