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FIFA rankings: Indian team rises to 101, Sunil Chhetri says road get tougher now

Discussion in 'Sports & Entertainment' started by Pundrick, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Pundrick

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    Oct 31, 2016
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    The Indian football team achieved its best-ever FIFA ranking in over two decades as it jumped to 101 in the latest list released. Skipper Sunil Chhetri is simply over the moon and feels India’s task will get more cut out.

    This is the team’s best-ever ranking since May 1996 - it was ranked 101 then also. India have jumped 31 places from its last rank of 132nd in the previous month. Following a couple of wins in recent times, India are now ranked 11th in Asia.

    “On a personal note, the joy is a little more given this is the highest ranking we’ve achieved during my time playing for the nation. But while we should celebrate every success, big or small, we also need to realize that the real test begins now,” said Chhetri.

    “In my opinion, rankings are a very fickle measurement of one’s success and it is best to not get carried away by it. You lose one game, you slide down 40 places, you win one, and you climb up 50.

    “The real achievement will be when we cling on to this position or better it over the next three to four years. We will need to play more games with better opponents and keep performing well consistently at home and more importantly, away,” Chhetri said.

    The highest FIFA ranking achieved by India ever is 94, which was attained in February 1996. India were ranked 99 in November 1993 and 100 in October 1993, December 1993 and April 1996.

    The last couple of years had been fruitful for India as they won 11 of their 13 matches, including an unofficial game against Bhutan, while scoring a total of 31 goals. India recently posted a 1-0 victory over Myanmar in the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers -- their first-ever in Myanmar in over 64 years.

    Before that India’s first win in an away encounter in over a decade came when they beat Cambodia 3-2 in an International friendly. The 4-1 win at home for India last year against Puerto Rico was also commendable.

    “It has been a difficult road. Bringing in new blood and creating competition for places in the team has been a process, and I’m pleased we are moving in the right direction,” India coach Stephen Constantine said.

    The Indian team, governed by the All India Football Federation, were ranked 171 when Constantine took over as national coach for the second time in February 2015. They had slipped further to 173 in March 2015 in the FIFA ladder.

    After that Constantine had his first game in charge against Nepal, which India won 2-0.

    India will next play Lebanon in an International Friendly at home on June 7 before hosting Kyrgyz Republic on June 13 in their next AFC Asian Cup qualifier match.

    “This change in ranking also pushes us up on the Asian circuit and working our way up further will give us favourable draws when lots are drawn in continental competitions. That said, our biggest task at the moment is to make it out of the qualifiers of the AFC Asian Cup,” Chhetri said.

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  2. Grevion

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    Oct 20, 2016
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    Very wise words from the Indian Captain.
    Although this is a fantastic achievement the real joy would be if India maintains that position and further improve on it.

    This is one of the positive impacts of ISL..i guess. Indian football is improving for good but it still has a long way to go.
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  3. T-123456

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    Oct 23, 2016
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    Dont you have indian origin players playing in Europe and especially in the UK?
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  4. Levina

    Levina Guest

    Michael Chopra, he plays for English premier league.

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