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Former stone pelters chasing new entrants

Discussion in 'International Relations' started by Soumya, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Soumya

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    Jun 10, 2013
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    Cops from stone-pelting areas effectively curbing street protests: Police

    Srinagar, July 25:
    The strategy of recruiting constables from the stone-pelting hotbeds by police after the 2010 summer agitation in the Valley has paid dividends as these recruits have proved effective in curbing street protests.

    “The new recruits also proved effective in curbing street protest after the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru,â€￾ a senior police officer said on the condition of anonymity.
    Putting to practice the adage of 'diamond cuts a diamond', the police force had deployed the new recruits, who "knew the game of stone-pelting inside out" in their respective areas.

    "After all, the people we had recruited in the aftermath of 2010 knew the game of stone-pelting inside out. Their knowledge of the youth involved in these kind of activities proved pivotal in dealing with the situation," the officer said.

    In a multi-pronged approach, the government launched an on-the-spot recruitment drive in 2011 in various parts of Srinagar city and the worst affect district of the Valley due to stone-pelting.
    The main aim of the recruitment drive was to increase the representation of the youth hailing from Srinagar city in the constabulary.

    The officer said the main grouse of the youth, many of them educated, was that there were not many employment avenues for them to pursue.

    "We launched the drive as a confidence building measure and it worked wonders for us. The presence of local youth in the force has acted as bridge between police and people. The best result we have had of their presence so far was the way we were able to deal with the fall out of Guru's hanging," he added.

    While the police officers are encouraged by the promise shown by the new recruits, questions were asked about their commitment to the discipline of the belt force after they went on a rampage at the Police Training School at Manigam in Ganderbal district last month.

    The officer said a departmental inquiry is going on into the incident as indiscipline cannot be tolerated.
    "However, we will also have to factor in that there was an inordinate delay in conduct of their passing out parade. They should have been out (of the training school) six months before the incident took place," the officer said.

    He indicated that the department will take a lenient view of this "transgression" by the recruits but with the caveat that another act of indiscipline will be treated as per laws of the police force.

    Over 900 fresh recruits, mostly hailing from hotbeds of stone-pelting in Srinagar city, went on a rampage on June 20 inside the Police Training School over the delay in the conduct of their passing out parade, a ceremonial induction in the regular police force.

    Former stone pelters chasing new entrants

    I love this part "Diamond cuts a diamond" :cheers:
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