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Four of six Jharkhand Congress MLAs likely to join BJP

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by Anish, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Four of six Jharkhand Congress MLAs likely to join BJP
    RANCHI: The split in the state Congress is imminent with four of its six legislators ready to strike a deal with BJP, a Congress MLA told TOI on Sunday. "The split is almost finalized, and people are waiting for my nod. The day I give my nod, the party will split," the MLA said requesting anonymity . The MLA will go to Delhi in a couple of days reportedly to meet BJP members and strike a deal.

    Earlier it was reported that four of the six Congress MLAs in the state were likely to join BJP , giving the latter a comfortable majority in the 81-member assembly. Sources in the Congress said three MLAs have already cut a deal with the BJP.

    As per law, if two-third of a legislature party decides to merge into another party, the MLAs become immune to anti-defection provisions.

    The buzz in the political grapevine is that MLAs who are going to join BJP will be awarded with plum posts and one of them will become a minister. The BJP government is dependent on ally Ajsu Party (with five MLAs) for survival. Allies in Jharkhand are notoriously unpredictable and have toppled several governments in the past.

    BJP has 37 MLAs, four short of the magic figure of 41 in the 81-member assembly. However, if four MLAs from the Congress join the BJP, the party won't need any crutches for its government.

    The MLA blamed state Congress members for the impending split. "No one wants to leave his own house. But when the situation turns adverse, no one wants to stay either. The atmosphere has turned too bad to survive. The state leaders misguide the central leadership and do not tell them what the real situation is," the MLA said.

    Sources said Manoj Yadav and ex-minister Yogendra Sao, husband of Barkagoan MLA Nirmala Devi, are camping in Delhi. Panki MLA Videsh Singh and Jamtara MLA Irfan Ansari are also likely to join BJP while Jarmundi MLA Badal Patralekh is still reluctant. BJP, however, is in touch with Badal. The dissidence is on since Sonia appointed Pakur MLA Alamgir Alam the legislature party leader after the state unit's recommendations. MLA from Barhi Manoj Yadav and Jamtara MLA Irfan Ansari were vying for the post.

    "The state members have ruined the Congress. It was because of them that we won only six seats, in fact we would have won at least three more seats in Santhal Pargana had they distributed tickets well," said Ansari.

    Four of six Jharkhand Congress MLAs likely to join BJP - The Economic Times

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