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Discussion in 'Indian Navy' started by Gessler, Aug 31, 2014.

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    On P15B VLS for SAM (B8) are not smaller because they are going to use LRSAM with 0.54m dia & ~6m length.

    This makes a sense that P15B should have only 1 kind of launcher system because all of the missiles (Nirbhay, B8, and Brahmos) will have similar dia for their canisters which are being used to refill VLS/UVLM and common thing is that both Nirbhay and LRSAM have very similar length and dia.
    yup it is. BrahMos Aerospace named it UVLM because of their patent.

    hence the length is nearly equal to Barak-8ER/LRSAM
    yup, thats the point that P15B will us LR-SAM (Barak-ER) whereas P15A uses MR-SAM.

    Barak-8ER with 0.54m Dia due to its booster.. and length is nearly 6m (trying to dig out exact figures)

    Barak-8 is without booster has nearly half Dia i.e. ~0.23m and 4.5m/177 inches length

    For comparison

    Barak-8 (MRSAM) in action, not ER

    I donno why this thing is knocking my head :hitwall:

    @vstol jockey may help me in this case...

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