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Greg Chappell attacks INDIAN culture and team

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by tilopa, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. tilopa

    tilopa Lieutenant SENIOR MEMBER

    Jan 3, 2012
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    March 2012,

    Here is what the Australian former coach of Indian cricket said in this regard (concerning Indians' lack of taking responsibility) and he blames it on colonialism. (I find many of Chappell's remarks biased, but this one makes one ponder...):

    "The (Indian) culture is very different, it's not a team culture. They lack leaders in the team because they are not trained to be leaders. From an early age, their parents make all the decisions, their schoolteachers make their decisions, their cricket coaches make the decisions," Chappell said. "The culture of India is such that, if you put your head above the parapet someone will shoot it. Knock your head off. So they learn to keep their head down and not take responsibility."

    "The Poms (British) taught them really well to keep their head down. For if someone was deemed to be responsible, they'd get punished. So the Indians have learned to avoid responsibility. So before taking responsibility for any decisions, they prefer not to," Chappell was quoted as saying during a promotional event for his book 'Fierce Focus'.

    Chappell said Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was an exception to that rule but even he seems to have lost to the system. "Dhoni is one of the most impressive young men that I have ever worked with. When he came into that Indian team, you just knew that he was a leader in the making. He was definitely someone who could make decisions, and he didn't mind putting his head above the parapet, and didn't mind putting the bigger players in their place. I think he is the best thing to have happened to Indian cricket in recent times," he said."

    This is worth pondering over.
  2. kum

    kum 2nd Lieutant FULL MEMBER

    Jul 20, 2012
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    I think there is no need to Pondering.
    he makes such disgusting statements to get attention. More we ponder more he gets attention.
    No other has done the amount of damage to Indian cricket, which he has done.
  3. tangocharlie

    tangocharlie Lieutenant SENIOR MEMBER

    Feb 2, 2012
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    Ignore Chappell, He thought that world should think like him but that could not be possible.
  4. Skull and Bones

    Skull and Bones Doctor Death Staff Member MODERATOR

    Feb 16, 2011
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    Every foreign cricketer will mock Indian team/cricketers to get notice in world stage. That's what you'll often see while releasing their books.
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