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HAL HJT-36 Sitara Project on Notice

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by brahmos_ii, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. brahmos_ii

    brahmos_ii Major SENIOR MEMBER

    Oct 19, 2012
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    According to the information provided in Aero India 2013 , HJT-36 Sitara Project is on Notice , and is just one accident away from been scrapped . Indian air force has openly expressed its displeasure on Slow progress of the project for last few years , unreliable NPO Saturn AL-55I engine along with spate of accident in past has pushed the Project on brink of been scrapped .
    HAL official from Aero India 2013 have informed that Flight testing of HJT-36 Sitara has re-commenced . PT-2 along with LSP-1/2/3 are carrying on the flight testing , HAL along with Russians have fixed Problems with NPO Saturn AL-55I engine , loss of PT-1 aircraft has been attributed to failure of the NPO Saturn AL-55I engine which stalled mid air leading to crash of the aircraft .

    Next few months are crucial for HJT-36 Sitara Project and HAL is working extra hard to achieve IOC for the aircraft in next few months , HJT-36 Sitara has completed 600 Test Flights , Design changes in the aircraft have been made to clear spin drive test and also fixes have been made to the engine .

    Indian air force is considering using same PC-7 basic propeller trainers for Stage II training also , since HJT-16 Kiran intermediate trainers will start retiring from end of 2013 and IAF cannot keep them in service due to advance age of the air frames which have crossed their service life already ,further use of HJT-16 Kiran will be risky for student pilots .

    On other hand IAF is also in no mood of Buying intermediate trainers from other countries and has given HAL two years time to fix and certify and put HJT-36 Sitara in production . Problems with HJT-36 Sitara Project is keeping Pilatus and Bae in hope of getting more orders for their aircrafts which currently cover Stage -I and Stage-II training program for Indian force . Irkut has also been advertising YAK-130 Combat Jet Trainer Jet in Indian Defence Magazines lately sensing opportunity .

  2. Marqueur

    Marqueur Peaceful Silence ELITE MEMBER

    Nov 29, 2011
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    strict penalties n fine should be slapped on agencies(gov. or private) for delays n substandard work !!!
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