Hypothetical: India Pakistan war in 2017 under China's threat

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    pakistan cannot beat us under any situation. our forces are not enemy centric but capability based forces. we do not waste our time thinking about them. our main focus is eastern sector that is china. china outnumber us in every department. at present our forces are busy in bridging the gap. it will take another 10 years to neutralize china in every respect. at present we have very very strong detternt against any offensive along with conventional offensive tactics. we have men but we need more officers.modernization is under way by 2020 we will surely acheive a big technological advancement.


    Yes that is why, we will be having our maximum force deployed at China's border and any element of surprise from Pakistan will be far more dangerous...
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    anza mark 1 1000
    anza mark 2 1550
    200 Aspide 2000 ground-based air defence system (10 batteries Spada 2000) ordered in 2007 and delivered in 2010-2013 part of 415 m Eur deal
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    Modern equipment and uniform of the Pakistan Army - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    since we dont know even simple factors like how when and where and under what kind of situation (that wud effect their performance) these assets are going to be deployed in , it wud unfair and unwise to compare these two on such a broad basis when clearly none of knows the hush hush stuff...
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    I am not sure about right now but until recently India Generals did not think the Indian military was prepared for a war with Pakistan.
    South Asia
    Feb 11, 2009

    It's official - India is not ready for war
    By Siddharth Srivastava

    NEW DELHI - In the first official admission that India is not ready for war, particularly with Pakistan, Defense Minister A K Antony has blamed government red tape for delays in modernizing the military.

    "Even though our government has earmarked huge budgets [for the military], this is not being fully reflected in our modernization efforts.

    Asia Times Online :: South Asia news, business and economy from India and Pakistan It's official - India is not ready for war

    Asia Times Online :: South Asia news, business and economy from India and Pakistan
    Jan 21, 2009

    Indian army 'backed out' of Pakistan attack
    By Siddharth Srivastava

    I doubt if much has changed in India in 3 or 4 years. Americans are warned if you expect something to take a week in India it will take a month if your lucky.
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    MOORTAL KOMBAAT!! :troll:
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    [​IMG] send this image to pdf...
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    waste of time
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    To discuss a hypothetical India-Pak war scenario in more realistic way.........you have to divide the whole scenario sector wise.

    One such possibility to draw the sectors would be to think them as state-wise scenarios.....

    1. Gujarat
    2. Rajasthan
    3. Punjab
    4. Kashmir

    Then we should divide the roles which the army and airforce will have in these sectors.....

    To say from over-all point-of-view, the army will have the main strike thrust initiative....with the air-force providing CAS and air cover....

    So here is the possible..........

    Cause of conflict :

    1. In January 2017 Pakistani prime-minister is on tour to New Delhi for talks on economic co-operation and regional de-armament.

    2. However Pakistani terrorist organization Lashkar-e-toiba backed by ISI and TTP have some other intentions. For years now they had been looking for an opportunity to assassinate their PM but could not get one. So, they plot to kill the PM on Indian soil, serving them 2 interests. Firstly, they can usher support and unite pakistani masses against India by saying that it is the Hindu terrorist organizations that killed their PM and secondly, they can get rid of their PM and the Pak army general can come to power.

    3. Co-incidentally the Pakistani cricket team is touring India at the time. On 29th of January India face pakistan at feroz shah kotla. Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart, both will be present at the stadium to watch the match. The match is crucial to both India and Pakistan....whoever wins the match will put the series in their pocket. Generally,...on match day, the kotla was full to its fullest capacity.

    4. Security was tight around the stadium as it was a high profile match watched by heads of two state and another 55,000 people. As match went on everything was fine. Batting first India could only manage a total of 156 runs on the board. The Indian top order toppled under the Pakistani pace trio. The highest scoring batsman in the Indian line up was Yuvraj Singh scoring 53 runs of 71 balls. In the 2nd innings Indian bowling line up fell flat before the the Pak batting order as Pakistan comfortably cruised on to victory with 7 wickets in hand and more than 5 overs to spare. The man of match was awarded to young Pakistani pace star Abdur Qassem(name changed) picking up 6 Indian wickets for just 19 runs. Man of the series was awarded to Yuvraj Singh.

    5. Hours has passed since the match was over. Indian public still reeling with the humiliating defeat and the media abuzz with the poor performance of the Indian players, when, suddenly the media started flashing breaking news of a huge blast rocking New Delhi. It was reported that a powerful blast took place at around 7:00 PM in the evening in the Chanakya puri area of New Delhi. Security agencies, media, bomb squad,Ambulances, Fire brigade squads rushed onto the spot. Even the NSG was being readied remembering the Mumbai incident. Little did they know what would they see. Slowly, all these teams started reaching the place and with them came curious on-lookers. They watched with awe ruble that once was a part of the Pakistani high commission in New Delhi.

    6. The crowd was so much that police had to cordon-off the area, so that rescue and firefighting operations could carry on without problems. The NIA team reached the spot for evidences. Many media channels which few minutes ago was busy analysing cricket had that thing last on their agenda. Everyone knew that this had gone too far and it will have far reaching consequences.

    7. But the real shock came an hour later, when the city police announced that the death figures could well be above 100 and they are fearing that among them are the Pakistani prime minister, the Pakistani cricket team and it's support staff, the Pakistani high commissioner in India and many other dignitaries. Anyone could hardly provide any reactions on the Indian side of the border.

    8. While the Indians were dumbstruck by what what has just happened....In Pakistan agitations had already started on the streets of Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi asking for revenge. The protests continued for several hours until the Pak army general addressed the nation and promised them fast and swift action.

    9. Meanwhile, here in India, Delhi police at around 10:00 PM confirmed that among the many dead was the Pakistani prime minister and high commissioner. Securities were tightened all around India, specially in the metro cities, a common phenomenon in India AFTER an incident has happened. Reports started to come into the south block of huge Pakistani troop movements along the border and the government offices especially the MoD into overdrive. This news got leaked to media and US and European came up with official statements calling for a greater restraint from the two countries.

    10. The Indian masses woke up next day with another shock news from the media. The Rajasthan atomic power station is under attack......
    The Indian security forces claim that a microlight aircraft carrying 80 - 100 kg of high explosives (possibly RDX) crashed into the 2nd atomic reactor of the Rajasthan atomic power station. According to India the microlight came from the pakistani side, which the Pakistanis denies flatly.....
    According to Indian Air Force officials claim that a microlight aircraft could not be caught on radar because it was flying extremely low, was largely made of composite material specifically designed to evade radar. Media reports now point to the fact that the MoD is also considering strong actions against pakistan.

    Well I have given you a hypothetical cause for such a conflict.......you can take the story forward if you like...... :troll:
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    if movie comes out... i will pay to watch it twice.....n after dat i will download it for free
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    Let's start wit the Gujarat sector......

    Post objectives :

    First we should analyze the terrain, and see what kind of difficulties it provides to the troops of the two sides....We should also discuss the numbers both countries can put in this sector.......also keep in mind supply route and logistics problem.......discuss how many and what type of airbases are currently operating along the borders of this sector....what type of air covers do these air bases have.......what are the strategic points we can gain in this sector which can later be used as a bargaining chip......what would the back up plan if the main plan fails.

    So, points to discuss on :

    1. Terrain analysis.
    2. Troop levels and equipment numbers of both sides.
    3. Supply route and logistics.
    4. Supporting airbases.
    5. Army air-defense.
    6. Strategic objectives.
    7. Backup plan.

    These are the points we should discuss, sector wise, otherwise it would be troll thread....feel free to add to the 7 discussion points.

    This thread is kind of nice if you analyse scientifically to the minute details.
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    In AD

    S 300
    Iron Dome ( May India is in Too much favour to Buy)

    SA 6/8

    and You can add BM Defenses like AAD and PAD


    Thanks [MENTION=7592]subhajit20[/MENTION]

    Guys I was just thinking about bad conditions of IAF and IA in present day situation....
    In case of IAF it is going to be even worst....

    Starting this thread was more a question that how we will face any situation like that when both China and Pakistan have plans to some how attack growing Indian economy???

    I know, I have 0 knowledge of how Armed Forces work in war times situation. I am just a S/W engineer and even in my family nobody was ever in touch to armed forces. It was just a unsatisfied dream to be a AirForce pilot someday which obviously my family didn't allowed me. Just wanted to understand how they face critical situation.

    But as people call this waste of time and as Skull closed this thread yesterday....I think, I better stick to Political and Hindutva discussion.
    Or I should only join endless and boring F-22 and F-35 threads..


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