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IAF, French Air Force commence joint air exercise at Jodhpur

Discussion in 'International Relations' started by Manmohan Yadav, Jun 3, 2014.

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    The bilateral joint air exercise ''Ex Garuda V'' between the Indian Air Force and French Air Force got under way at the Jodhpur Air Base today.

    During the fortnight-long war games, both the Air Forces will practice aerial warfare which would include manoeueers to carry out surgical strikes.

    During this exercise both the Air Forces will engage in operations based on their operational philosophy and methodology of operations practicing various air situation scenarios.

    The exercise would provide an insight to both air forces into new of planning and execution of combat missions in operational environments.

    The exercise will involve the assets of IAF's main operational formations including the Gandhinagar-based South Western Air Command and Allahabad-based Central Air Command.

    The IAF is fielding its frontline fighter aircraft including the SU 30, Mig-27 (UPG), Mig 21 Bison and force multipliers such as the AWACS and Flight Refueller Aircraft IL 78.

    The French Air Force has fielded its frontline Rafale fighters along with its KC 135 Refueller.

    The Fifth Indo-French bilateral Air Exercise ''Garuda-V'' will run till 13 June at the Air Force Station Jodhpur.

    The previous Indo-french air exercise was held at Istres, France, in 2010.
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