If China attack India together.Who will support who ?

Discussion in 'Military Forum' started by d14gtc, Nov 8, 2011.

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    Very True
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    Nor does it have the naval power.....
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    A part of me would like to embrace our Chinese neighbors as one would a very good friend. At the same time, another part reminds me that history has a tendency of repeating itself. After all who was France's biggest trading partner prior to invasion in 1940? Exactly. Anyjew I do hope we can get along the same way we get along here in the West.
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    Hack them:frust:
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    China has the power to launch a war against India but then it would neither benefit China or Benefit India, rather both would be losers. If you notice, the countries that are at War their economies become weaker as the centre of production becomes defence products,

    Soviet union collapse due to Afghanistan

    USA is sinking slowly and now they realize that fighting a war can be heavy on resources and thus they are getting war contributors in name of WAR ON TERROR. Was not attack on Afghanistan and Iraq totally an American decision in which the other NATO countries were dragged into? and now USA wants out.

    Pakistan contributed more to anti india policy and look at its state,

    India could have been more powerful economically if not for the war against Pakistan.

    Israel is fighting a war with help of American and German funds, and they are bigger weapons seller as compared to their size.

    French economy is seeing some problems.

    NORTH KOREA, focused purely on defence where is their economy?

    China knows all this, and if there is war they would keep it short and sweet with Tactical goals to be achieved, They would not want a large scale war with India as then the two heavy weights (India and China) will negate each other and the Americans and their allies Taiwan and Japan will have an advantage in terms of strength in Pacific which China would not be able to handle.

    China is trying to get us into negotiation table to get a better leverage, but if we go for war, it would mess both the economies.
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    If we manage to come up with a way to make America and China fight each other, that would be the best way out.

    Like China is using pakistan against us, we should use America against China. And when I say, use them against them, I don't mean war alone, there are economic wars and such. We can offer competition to China's manufacturing facilities. We should do as such. And other things.


    India should not leave anything to chance, nor should it depend on outside support for national security. Moreover, it must prepare for full scale war in case of China taking advantage of instability to invade or cause a conflict that can spiral out of control.

    India should develop and expand on missile defense and ballistic missile technology and nuclear warheads to come up with a sort of 'Samson Option' of its own. And set clear policy lines as to when it will engage. If China oversteps its boundaries, it has to be guaranteed that it will be absolutely obliterated without exception.

    India should also employe Kamikaze satellite designed to blind all Chinese satellites in case of a conflict.

    My hopes for such a conflict would be, China invades territory, and India rains warheads down upon their positions until not a bacterium remains.

    In the interim, Pakistan needs to be dealt with. India should surprise the world, and China, by dealing with it completely once and for all. Even if there is a nuclear exchange, let it be so. Show the world India is not playing games.

    We may hold the line today, but things are trending in an unacceptable direction.

    India should also consider biological and chemical weapons. China has tried to dismember India by using its diversity against it. India should use China's homogeneity against it by engineering weaponized virus targeted to uniquely han chinese genetic markers.

    Electronic warfare is also essential; ideally, all essential factories/power-plants/engineering/lab/military/govt installations should be off the grid, communicate on isolated intranet and magnetically shield essential technology like large transformers.

    The very idea is a joke. At the end of the day Chinese people wrongly see themselves as the center of the world. I don't want ever to accept possibility of a future where friends of India don't see themselves in mutually respectful partnership, but that if times were bad, Indians would be second class citizens.
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    In that case we have to get AMERICA TO COME AND FIGHT CHINA, and that would mean escalation of either problem of Senkaku islands issue, or maybe problem with Taiwan or with Philippines.

    China is a strong country and they would not take it kindly that America dictates them in the Pacific, specially near their motherland. HAR KUTTA APNI GALI MEIN SHER HOTA HAI.

    So the Chinese are trying to maneuver against the Japanese for the Senkaku, but at the same time they are trying to ensure that the Americans are not fully involved, as then if there is an action, the Americans will use their Naval power and then China would end up paying for the maintenance of the naval assets which the Americans want to retire.
    Thus they would end up paying for maintaining the American ships which would otherwise be in reserve. and maybe the Americans will take over Liaoning and hand it over to Taiwan.
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    War should be last resort, but I do agree with some of your views, the problem is that the Indian armed forces do not have any minimum deterrent to push the Chinese off and that is the problem and the government is so stupid that they are faltering at analysing of the situation..
    kya ghanta solution denge
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    A truly evil and diabolical plan.......therefore, I LOVE IT!!
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