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India waits Key Missile tests

Discussion in 'Indian Military Doctrine' started by layman, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. layman

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    Next few months will be very crucial for Indian military planners, since many delayed and new missile systems will be tested. Key strategic and game changing missile are supposed to be tested in next few months which are crucial for Indian military defence, some missiles have been delayed for years now but are finally maturing for their first trials.

    LR-SAM : First Joint venture between India-Israel on developing a Long Range Surface to Air Missile (LR-SAM) has been delayed by 3 years now , According to media reports first test of LR-SAM will be carried out this month in Israel . 70 km LR-SAM will be crucial ship-borne missile system on naval ships which will be used to destroy incoming missiles and aircraft, Air Force version will also be ready soon.

    K-4 : Not so secretive Submarine Launched Ballistic missile (SLBM) dubbed K-4 with range of 3500 km is also getting ready for its first publicly acknowledged test launch from a submerged pontoon off the Visakhapatnam coast , Missile is rumoured to be tested for first time way back in 2010 , but there has never been official acknowledgment of such tests . K-4 is crucial missile for India’s nuclear triad.

    Nirbhay: Dubbed “Partial success “in its first test in March this year, Missile will be India’s first Sub-sonic cruise missile and will be crucial missile in Indian forces arsenal. DRDO was able to identify components which failed, leading to missile been aborted in mid air when it started deviating from its pre planned route. Year end re-test launch will be crucial and will be eagerly watched.

    Akash Mk-2 : Akash Mk-1 has successfully demonstrated its ability in user trials and have won huge orders from Indian army and air force , Akash Mk-2 will have an intercept range of 30-35 km, or a little over 10-km more than the Mk-I version but missile will have improved performance, speed, efficiency and accuracy and better sub systems. Officially project was cleared in 2010 and was supposed to have 24 months development circle but not much has been made in public when missile will be ready for its first launch but it is expected in next few months.

    Agni-V: Second test firing of Agni-V will take this month and it will be tested for be validating reliability and repeatability of the previous test for stabilizing the performance of sub-systems. Canister variant of Agni-V will be next; it will improve road mobility of the missile system and provide higher flexibility to Indian military planners on this deployment.

    Astra MK-1 : Currently missile is going through captive trials on Su-30 and has been successfully tested of the ground launcher but real test waits when it will be test fired from Su-30 beginning next year , missile first test fired almost decade ago off the ground launcher but faced serious issues in-flight stabilization where the missile deviated in flight and after various failures missile was almost redesigned by DRDO ,only then missile tasted successful tests of the ground launcher .

    Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV): It was first reported in 2009 that DRDO is working on new missile defence systems called Prithvi interceptor missile codenamed PDV, The PDV is intended to replace the existing PAD in the PAD/AAD combination. PDV will be far more capable missile and will complete the Phase 1 of the BMD system. It has been reported that missile has faced some technical difficulties but Drdo is working to put the missile to test in mid of 2014.

    Air Launched BrahMos : Development of an air force variant of supersonic cruise missile has been in development for some time now and Two Su 30 have been upgraded to carry BrahMos in Russia , Indian and Russian agencies have been closely working with each other to carry out integrations and test of the missile and it is likely that missile will be tested next year .
  2. Himanshu Pandey

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    they didn't inducted anti missile system and started working on replacement.:hitwall:
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