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iNDIAN AEROSPACE INDUSTRY cant even make microlight aircrafts ???

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by LORD of DEATH, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. LORD of DEATH


    Jul 8, 2011
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    India’s defense ministry is zeroing in on an effort to buy 194 microlight aircraft for training and research.

    The request for proposals was released in March. One of the contenders is Pipistrel, a Slovenia-based light-aircraft maker. “If Pipistrel gets short-listed, it will set up a microlight field in the ‘go-fly zone’ near Jaipur and initially invest up to €2 million [$2.88 million],†says Vibhooti Singh Deora, CEO of Microlight Aviation Private Ltd. (MAPL).

    Based in India’s western Rajasthan state, MAPL handles Pipistrel’s Indian operations and is involved in the current bidding process. Deora says the company will bid at a meeting in New Delhi on July 13.

    Out of the 194 aircraft, 110 will be used by the National Cadet Corps, 72 will augment the Indian air force, and 12 will cater to the country’s naval forces. Deora says the procurement process must be completed within the next five years.

    Last year, the air force invited companies to bid through a request for information. So far, four Indian and four international companies have shown interest, Deora says.

    “The specifications issued by the Indian air force on the basis of weight [of the aircraft] are very stringent. It is difficult for companies to meet all [the] requirements,†he says.

    “If successful in the bid, we will give an Indian name to the aircraft,†Deora adds.

    India Closes In On Microlight Aircraft Purchase | AVIATION WEEK
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