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Indian Air Force Civilian Rescue Operations

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by Hindustani78, May 30, 2018.

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    30-May, 2018 10:54 IST
    IAF effort to contain fire at Malviya Nagar

    Around midnight a request was received at HQ Western Air Command for containing a fire at Malviya Nagar in Delhi. A MLH class helicopter airborne from Sarsawa did a recce and landed at Palam. Thereafter heptr got airborne with Bambi Bucket to contain the fire.

    The heptr filled water from Yamuna reservoir and dropped over the site. This had to be repeated thrice to contain the fire. This was the first time the Bambi ops was done in an urban situation wherein the nitty gritties of drop are very precise owing to high rises around and chances of collateral damage. The operations started this morning wherein helicopter flown by Wing Commander Pradeep Bhola of the Mighty Armourswas successful in dousing the fire.

    A total of approx 8000 lts of water was dropped in this incident.



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