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Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by Shail, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Vidyanshu Shekhar Jha

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    links please friend.
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  2. Vidyanshu Shekhar Jha

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    Jagitnatt has well answered your estimations regarding PAF.
    This proves that you are pouring more data than they will actually have(PLAAF & PAF)
    Even if I consider you right PLAAF in 2025 will have 1200-1300 fighters.

    and IAF in 2025 will be 1000+ even if we consider lower limit in 2025
    fgfa+pakfa -214-250
    amca- 100 (250 planned)
    mmrca- 126- 189
    su-30 mki- 280
    mig-29- 68
    mirage 51
    tejas 40
    tejas mk.2 180(capable of beating f16, j10a.)
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  3. illusion8

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    PLAAF strength is underestimated, experts say by 2020 or so PLAAF will have 2500 3rd and 4th generation ac's besides their 5th gen fighter.

    Strategic aspects of the Chinese Threat - YouTube
  4. Shikari

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    True but by 2025, they will have to get rid of all their 3rd gen fighters and some of their early 4th gens too, I reckon.
  5. aimarraul

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    Actually my estimation is based on current production capacity(>70 J10/J11 a year),it's very likely china will start mass-producing J20 after 2017,ang JXX is only one year behind J20
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  6. Jungibaaz

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    There is no way any of us can judge what PAF fleet will look like by then.
    Unlike other air forces PAF usually keeps their procurement plans incognito and tend get aircraft quick.

    250 JF-17? yes very likely, maybe more.
    Only 36 J-10? there is a need for almost 150 of them.
    Remember that PAF usually takes it slow, small orders at a tie, but multiple orders.
    F-16? 64.... seems fair.

    After that J-2X in decent numbers and perhaps J-20 in smaller numbers.
  7. Jungibaaz

    Jungibaaz ELITE MEMBER

    Why so? please elaborate...

    I think it's very likely and by 2025 aimarraul has provided a decent estimate.

    IMHO the number wont reach 100, F-16 market will close once US is done with A;stan.

    Only 50? I\d say 70ish would be the absolute minimum.
    150 may seem too optimistic BUT there is a need for 150.

    Remember that PAF cut it's Block 52 orders from 75 to just 18. I'm not sure if you know.... but the FC-20 is a project with PAF presence, Chinese only wanted to go through with it IF PAF promised commitment and high numbers in their fleet, so PAF did commit to it, they cut F-16 numbers and went through with FC-20 which is now an export variant of J-10B tailored for PAF.

    Your estimate is far too low.

    It seems likely.

    F-35? I don't think so.... but not because of financial issues, rather overpricing, relations with US, strings attached and it's capability for the price as compared to Chinese 5th gen platforms.

    J-2X in good numbers and small numbers of J-20 are likely. Remember that this financial mess is more to do with security situation, political instability, corruption/mis management of funds. Soon new govt will be elected, US will leave A'stan, Pakistan will rely on China more and energy crisis will dealt with to some extent due to energy development schemes across Pak and regeneration of plans scrapped by the civilian puppet govt.
  8. Jungibaaz

    Jungibaaz ELITE MEMBER

    Mate, Chinese 3rd and 4th gen are world wide considered 4th and 5th gen. It's how they measure generations of FA.
    They only have a small number of 3rd gen, it wouldn't make sense for them to produce more when they are enveloping 5th gen tech.
  9. Jungibaaz

    Jungibaaz ELITE MEMBER

    By 2025 these estimates seem possible, But I'm not so sure about 250-300 J-10Bs. I don't think they will have so many, by that time they'd be able to produce FGFA.
  10. uptotrix

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    Yeah, why wouldn't they be if they continue to steal from everyone else.
  11. Jungibaaz

    Jungibaaz ELITE MEMBER

    Please open up a new thread, I've busted this bull**** before too.
    You must either be ignorant or just trolling.

    So please address this in the appropriate thread or Shut the :smile:
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  12. naveenp

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    But the world consider 3rd and 4th gen of Chinese as 3rd and 4th generations only.. :wink: just kidding
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  13. naveenp

    naveenp FULL MEMBER

    Best joke of the Year.
  14. Jungibaaz

    Jungibaaz ELITE MEMBER

    Before J-20's existence F-35 was considered an option for PAF after 2025.
  15. Nirvana


    Incorrect !!

    By 2025

    The MKI's Induction Will Be Completed and Total Order is 272 + 40
    MMRCA Order will Go Beyond 126 , By 2025 IAF Should Induct 140 - 150 MMRCA's Atleast
    LCA Tejas Mk 1 And Mk 2 - Total Order May Go beyond 200 , Even at Production Rate of 16 AC Per Year - 180 -190 Aircrafts Will be Inducted in IAF
    FGFA - The First Batch of Single Seaters at Earliest is Expected By 2017 , At Max ~ 100 5th Gen Fighter Could be Inducted in IAF BY 2025
    AMCA - It will Be Difficult for AMCA To Hit Production By 2025 , The Prototype Is Expected by 2020

    Also ,
    51 - Mirage Upgraded
    68 - Mig 29 Upgraded
    ~ 100 - Jaguars Upgraded

    Will be In Service In 2025 , Initial Batches of Jaguars May be Retired By Later 2025 Considering Induction Rate of Other Aircrafts

    IAF Is Expected to Field 42 Sqdns By 2022 , I see Total 45-47 Sqdns of IAF By 2025

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