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  1. Shail


    It will not be possible to have 260 FGFA it will take time, we started getting MKI from 2000 and delivery of last jet will be around 2016, so we cannot expect 260 FGFA till 2025.
  2. Shail


    We should start focusing on SAM Batteries which we can deploy near china border to counter their jets and missiles. We might have strong IAF in 2025 but meanwhile what we can do is deploy strong SAM batteries, so that we can counter any threat till 2025. As I have started this thread to discuss Air power in 2025, so SAM batteries are also part of Air defense. Can any senior member explain current options we have to counter chinese threat and to have strong air defense till 2025.

    I also wants to discuss satellite warfare program as china is working on, do we have any plans to start any project for this. can we hit any chinese communication satellite during war.
  3. Super man

    Super man REGISTERED

    Agreed with numbers of AMCA
    But friend you should have mentioned about-
    MIRAGE 2000-5 MK.2 -- 51
    MIG 29(upgraded)-- 68
  4. Manmohan Yadav

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    MiG-29Ks will be with the Navy for next 30 years or so.
  5. ManuSankar

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    Mig 29 will be retired after the induction of FGFA.
  6. Vidyanshu Shekhar Jha

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    links please friend.
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  7. Vidyanshu Shekhar Jha

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    Jagitnatt has well answered your estimations regarding PAF.
    This proves that you are pouring more data than they will actually have(PLAAF & PAF)
    Even if I consider you right PLAAF in 2025 will have 1200-1300 fighters.

    and IAF in 2025 will be 1000+ even if we consider lower limit in 2025
    fgfa+pakfa -214-250
    amca- 100 (250 planned)
    mmrca- 126- 189
    su-30 mki- 280
    mig-29- 68
    mirage 51
    tejas 40
    tejas mk.2 180(capable of beating f16, j10a.)
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  8. illusion8

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    PLAAF strength is underestimated, experts say by 2020 or so PLAAF will have 2500 3rd and 4th generation ac's besides their 5th gen fighter.

    Strategic aspects of the Chinese Threat - YouTube
  9. Shikari

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    True but by 2025, they will have to get rid of all their 3rd gen fighters and some of their early 4th gens too, I reckon.
  10. aimarraul

    aimarraul FULL MEMBER

    Actually my estimation is based on current production capacity(>70 J10/J11 a year),it's very likely china will start mass-producing J20 after 2017,ang JXX is only one year behind J20
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