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Indian army soldiers-The Expendables

Discussion in 'Indian Army' started by Levina, Feb 15, 2017.

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    Oct 18, 2016
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    I'll answer this question first because it informs the answer to your orginal question.

    What is the problem with Kashmir? One word.............Pakistan.

    Imagine what it would be like for your homeland to have ISIS on your borders. Sadly the West is now getting a taste of the same kind of violence and ideology India has been facing for decades.

    As far as Pakistan is concerned Kashmir is unresolved and rightfully theirs (even though they have no legal claim to it whatsoever) and have been waging a proxy war since 1947 in the state (and other Indian states) in the process they have radicalsied their entire nation, devouted their entire national apparatus into "opposing India's hemogenic designs" (whatever the f*ck that means) and bleeding India by a 1000 cuts.

    Just like the Palestine issue, the Kashmir issue has now become a full Jihad for the local populations (as the pakistani have been pushing their Wahhabi ideology into the state) and morphed into an overtly religious conflict- there is a reason the "Ummah" support Pakistan and demonise India when it comes to Kashmir. You will now see ISIS flags being waved in Kashmir brazenly, overtly trying to provoke a response (and the security forces have to just stand and watch):



    If you want to get more information on Kashmir and Pakistan's actions since 1947 I strongly reccommend watching the below and all of Christine Fair's videos on youtube, she nails Pakistan like no one else can (she used her position to get inside Pakistan's instiutions):

    As you rightly point out, th
    Now, given the very unique status of Kashmir in the Indian union (it is offically given "special status" under Article 370 and thus has more autonomy than any other Indian state) there are severe law and order issues within the state (law and order is a state responsibility in India). Pakistan pushes 1000s of terrorists into the state annually, most are killed on the border (LoC) by the army but those that aren't make it to the cities/urban areas.

    When the army's counter insurgency forces or central police forces (CAPFs) launch operations to go after them it is then that a certain proportion of the local population that are explicitly paid off by Pakistan, supporters of "the cause" or simply typical angry young men with nothing better to do, come out and attempt to disrupt the work of the security forces (I beleive the Belgians faced a similar issue when going after the Salah brothers in Molenbeck).

    Given the unique status of Kashmir, it is almost impossible for the central Indian govt to fully prosecute terrorist sympathisers in Kashmir as the local Kashmir state govt often gets in the way.

    The local police are ill-equipped and the central police forces operate with very very severe rules of engagement (thanks to the propoganda that Indian security forces have been too violent in the past).

    As you rightly point out, the state of Kashmir is sucking on the teet of India, they simply could not stand on their own two feet but as is often the case, and that perhaps is the ultimate irony- India is paying for its own pain.

    Now that is a GORGEOUS dog! Is that a German Shepard?
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    Oct 30, 2016
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    Mostly agree with it with a few different opinions, first; this particular kind of separatism aka Jihad has its roots deep into religious fundamentalism, I doubt if only education and better economy can solve it (otherwise how ISIS gets so many educated recruits from developed western countries). We need to change the narrative of Islam there with some relatively moderate version like Sufi, we need to block Saudi Arab money and other sources of foreign money there, identify the mosques and madrasas that are preaching radical Islam and slowly replace the preachers there with more moderate preachers (radical preachers may not become angels automatically, need to do whatever is necessary, discreetly), use radio, TV, print media, social media extensively to remind Kashmiris of their "Great tolerant Sufi culture" from the voices of their own moderate scholars and preachers, etc. etc.

    Second; out of that 5% 'extremist, radicalized' portion, barely 5%-10% (i.e. 0.25%-0.5% of the total population) would be the 'leaders', rest are followers. These 'leaders' are causing the growth of extremist, radicalized portion, allow them more time & space and they will take that 5% to 10% with proportionate share of new 'leaders', and then it will be growing at a higher rate to reach 20%....... I really think that neutralizing that leadership materials is necessary to control the problem. It's a small number, and discretion is necessary, but it will leave the 'followers' leaderless, and most of them would go back to become part of the ordinary 95%.

    Only vitamin tablets won't cure this deadly disease, we also need to apply a full course of antibiotics, full course as per a schedule, not sporadic 1-2 dose, that complicates the disease. And yes, keep the vitamins also for overall 'health and immunity' of rest of the body and let the antibiotics work on the disease-causing bacterias, worrying about its side-effects would kill the entire body.
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