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Indian Automobile Industry News

Discussion in 'World Economy' started by Gessler, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Tata Motors reveals future platform strategy

    Tata Motors, in the not too distant future, will go from its current six platforms to just two. Done to give the company greater economy of scale, both these new platforms will be modular in nature and adaptable enough to build cars and SUVs of different shapes and sizes.

    The first of these is called AMP (Advanced Modular Platform). Similar in concept to VW’s MQB, it is made up of 15 individual modules that can be put together to form a complete car. The size is variable too. The floor pan, for example, can be scaled for length, width, track and wheelbase (track and wheelbase each variable by more than 100mm). The first car off this next-generation platform is likely to be in showrooms by 2018 and Tata CEO Guenter Butschek says there are likely to be up to eight individual models produced on this platform.

    The list of models includes hatchbacks, sedans, people movers and SUVs. Tata says commonality between the parts will be extremely high - as high as 80 percent - and that key modules like the front and rear axles, powertrains, HVAC modules, etc will contribute to 70 percent of the vehicle cost. Like VW’s MQB, the distance from the firewall to the front-wheel axis will be the only portion that is fixed, and the platform will be able to accept both three-and four-cylinder engines. There will be manual and automatic gearboxes available and the new platform will consist of a flat floor for maximum legroom in the rear.

    Tata also claims the weight of the new platform is down a huge 170kg from the current one and this is likely to impact both performance and efficiency. In addition, provision has also been made for hybrid powertrains in future.

    The second platform in the portfolio will be based on Land Rover’s L550, the one that currently underpins the Discovery Sport. This larger platform is likely to spawn higher-end vehicles, like the Q501 recently caught testing, and will include larger SUVs and soft-roaders. It is likely to come with the option of four-wheel drive, independent rear suspension and other more sophisticated features like radar-based cruise control.

    While Tata insiders say there will be no new body-on-frame platform for now, Tata’s frame- based architecture, seen on the Hexa and updated Safari, is relatively new and, if required, the company will explore synergies with its Commercial Vehicle portfolio which will still use this ‘load-bearing’ architecture in the future .

    One thing's for sure though, with AMP, Tata Motors will join an illustrious list of global manufacturers that are now adopting similar modular architectures like VW Group’s (MQB), Toyota (TNGA), etc. What remains to be seen is how effectively Tata can exploit this new platform.


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    Dec 1, 2016
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    Tata Motors becomes FUTUREADY with the all-new powerful 1000 bhp PRIMA Race Truck

    This behemoth race truck will be showcased at the T1 PRIMA TRUCK RACING CHAMPIONSHIP this weekend

    • Most powerful truck ‘Built in India’
    • Power of 1000 bhp, with an acceleration of 0-160 km/hour within 10 seconds
    • Similar to global race trucks that compete in the UK and Europe, under FIA
    Entering season 4 of the T1 PRIMA TRUCK Racing Championship and in keeping true to its commitment of introducing first-of-its-kind initiatives as leaders in the Indian commercial vehicles space, Tata Motors will showcase an all-new powerful 1000 bhp T1 PRIMA race truck in Season 4 of the championship.

    With over double the power in comparison to the T1 race trucks competing in season 4, the all-new 1000 bhp T1 PRIMA race truck will further add exciting dimensions of speed and character to T1. Similar to race trucks that compete under the broad umbrella of the FIA in the United Kingdom and Europe, the all-new 1000 bhp T1 race truck is a perfect example of the capability and flexibility of Tata Motors next-generation World Truck, the Tata PRIMA.

    The engine of the all-new 1000 bhp T1 race truck is being developed in collaboration with Cummins Inc. of the U.S., a world leader in diesel engines, enabling Tata Motors to not only set new benchmarks in T1 and the sport of truck racing, but in the Indian commercial vehicles space. The new T1 race truck is the most powerful truck built in India by far.

    Developed to deliver unmatched power and acceleration of 0-160 km/hour within 10 seconds and a torque of 3500 Nm @ 1600 – 2200 rpm, the new T1 race truck is based on a 12 litre ISGe Cummins engine, mounted in the center of the chassis for equal weight distribution, with enhanced fuel delivery and air flow, producing 1040 HP @ 2600 rpm. The power is managed by an all-new ZF 16-speed gear box, making it fastest race truck developed by Tata Motors. With high performance rotating parts made of special materials, the engine is meant to withstand high temperature & pressure that a race truck is subject to on a race track.

    Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Ravindra Pisharody, Executive Director – Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors, said, “After having hosted three successive T1 seasons, we at Tata Motors are happy to announce our next big innovation in the form of the 1000 bhp T1 PRIMA race truck. Built with specifications similar to that of trucks that race globally, the vehicle was developed in a record time 12 months – a demonstration of teamwork, speed and capability. With this new track based machine, we are truly ahead of contemporary; we are FUTURE READY and through T1 we’ve proved time and again to showcase a distinctive partnership between sporting and technological excellence for the Tata Motors brand.”

    In India, Tata Motors and Cummins Inc., USA, have a joint venture company called Tata Cummins Pvt. Ltd., established in 1994, developing high performance, reliable and durable engines in the range of 75 to 400 HP, that not only comply with current and future emission norms, but are also serviceable globally. The company has its state-of-the-art facility in Jamshedpur, aligning itself with the world-class manufacturing standards, consistently exceeded customer expectations.
    Season 4 will also see accomplished racers from FIA’s European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) competing in the championship for the very first time.

    The ETRC will be represented by six racers from the rest of Europe, who will compete in the PRO CLASS category alongside six British drivers from the British Truck Racing Association (BTRA), who have raced in T1 since the sport was first introduced in 2014. Among these are Spanish Antonio Albacete, three time ETRC Champion (2005, 2006 & 2010), Hungarian Nobert Kiss, two time ETRC Champion (2014 & 2015) and T1’s first woman driver Stephanie Halm.

    In Season 4, Tata Motors has also partnered with some of the country’s leading automotive brands. These are WABCO – Official Braking Technology Partner, JK Tyre – Official Tyre Partner, Castrol – Official Lubricant Partner, Cummins – Official Engine Technology Partner and Tata Technologies – Official Technology Partner.

    India’s only truck racing championship is organised by Madras Motor Sports Club (MMSC), with safety and performance standards as per the guidelines of the British Truck Racing Association (BTRA). Conducted under the aegis of FIA & FMSCI, the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship will feature Tata PRIMA race trucks, built for the purpose. A one-make championship, six teams will compete in the PRO CLASS CATEGORY of the T1 PRIMA Truck Racing Championship.

    Season 4 of the T1 PRIMA Truck Racing Championship will be held on Sunday, March 19, 2017, at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC), Greater Noida.
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  3. Paliwal Warrior

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    Another thing i dont like about TATA strategy is that they have altogether junked the more than 4 meter length category by stopping MANZA

    now all thier models are in Sub 4 meter lenght category excpet for SUVs like sumo aria which dont sell all that much
  4. AbRaj

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    Oct 30, 2016
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    Tata motors (passenger vehicle segment) right now is highly underrated Automobile company. They are in turnaround phase and expect a new success story in near future.
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    TATA are said to be working on a full size sedan.

    Hexa is replacing Aria and TATA are also working on a next gen Safari replacement that I'm sure will be awesome considering their recent product launches.
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    Well, we do know that that the success of any Car Maker in the entry and mid market is by volume and NOT by value ie its the no. of sales.

    One has to see the market for standard sedan vs sub 4 meters. It is ONLY to India that we see that the sales for Sub 4 meter is higher than the other. Heck the No. of models that are been introduce to this sub market is growing too

    So the strategy for TATA to increase its low sales in the overall market , introducing Sub 4 meters Zest and now the Tigor ... is Sound!...im sure once the bottom line is good , they will introduce a standard sedan .

    Im looking forward to the Nexon!

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