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Indian military officer Captain Amitav participates in Pakistan triathlon

Discussion in 'International Relations' started by layman, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Donning his diplomatic cap, an Indian military officer has participated in a triathlon here wearing an Armed Forces’ T-shirt and tricolour wings on his sleeves.

    He was probably one of the only two military officers to have taken part in the ’2013 Islamabad Dashers Ironman Triathlon’ held recently in the diplomatic enclave.

    For many, the sight of Captain Amitav, theNaval Advisor to the Indian High Commission, taking part in the event wearing the tricolour was a surprise given the state ofIndo-Pak relations.

    But people from other embassies appreciated the fact that an Indian diplomat was making an effort to create a positive image by wearing Indian colours and participating in a sporting event, an activity that bridges nations.

    Nearly 150 people participated in the event, organised for members of the international community and the Islamabad sporting fraternity.

    Besides the 700M swimming, one also had to compete the 16 KM cycling and 8 KM running.

    Along with the Indian officer, who had participated in the triathlon last year too, the Hungarian Defence Attache had taken part in the event.

    “It was a fantastic event,â€￾ said Ziyad Khan of the Critical Mass group, comprising of members aged 30 to even 60s who go out for cycling every weekend.

    Islamabad is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts with beautiful roads and picturesque terrain.

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