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Indian Navy prepares for de-induction of TU142M Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft

Discussion in 'Indian Navy' started by layman, Mar 26, 2017.

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    Indian Navy prepares for de-induction of TU142M Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft
    Published March 26, 2017
    SOURCE: India Blooms News Service

    A U.S. Navy Grumman F-14A Tomcat from Fighter Squadron VF-111 Sundowners intercepting an Indian Navy Tupolev Tu-142MK-E (NATO reporting code “Bear F”) in 1988.

    The Indian Navy is preparing for de-induction of TU142M Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft after its 29 years of dedicated service to the nation. The aircraft would be formally de-inducted by Admiral Sunil Lanba, PVSM, AVSM, ADC, Chief of the Naval Staff at a special ceremony scheduled to be held at INS Rajali, India’s premiere Naval Air Station in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu on March 29.

    To commemorate the stellar service of the TU142M, a TU Static Display Aircraft would also be inaugurated by the Chief of Naval Staff at INS Rajali.

    The TU142M Long Range Maritime Patrol aircraft was inducted into Indian Navy at Dabolim Goa from erstwhile USSR in 1988. The aircraft subsequently shifted base permanently to INS Rajali in 1992 and became the most formidable LRMR ASW aircraft of the Indian Navy.

    The aircraft has done the Indian Navy proud by participating in all major naval exercises and operations with distinction. The aircraft saw action during operation ‘Cactus’ in Maldives and participated in operational missions off Sri Lanka to provide airborne surveillance. TU142M aircraft with its 04 powerful engines, contra rotating, slender fuselage and swept wings is the fastest turboprop aircraft in the world and reportedly has been difficult to intercept by fighters. With its enhanced endurance, speed, long range weapons and sensors the aircraft transformed the aspects of Maritime Reconnaissance and airborne ASW for the Indian Navy and was one of the most formidable platforms around the world.

    TU142M aircraft operations over the years stand testament to the skill, courage and professionalism of the men and women who have been entrusted with the responsibility to fly and maintain this vital aviation asset of the Indian Navy. The aircraft has had a distinguished service with over 30,000 hours of accident free flying.

    During its service life, the aircraft has undergone several modifications and retro fitments to keep up with evolving technology and changing requirements of Indian Navy. As a result, the aircraft has throughout its service life, been participating in and has been a major factor during all Naval operations. Despite being in its twilight year, the aircraft performed exceptionally well during the recently conducted Naval Exercise TROPEX in Mar 2017.

    The other event of milestone proportion would be the Silver Jubilee of INS Rajali, the naval air station which was synonymous with the TU and its home for the last 29 years. The role of TU142M will now be taken on by the newly inducted P-8l aircraft. The P-8I aircraft has proven all its systems and has been fully integrated into the operational grid of the Indian Navy. Commander Yogender Mair, the last Commanding officer of the squadron with TU142M aircraft will hand over the reins to Commander V Ranganathan, who will be the first Squadron Commanding Officer with the P-8l.

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