Indian Semiconductor and Electronics Industry

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    Foxconn is an EMS provider. They are not into Fab business. Simply put, they are highly skilled laborers - just doing value add as per what the OEM dictates.
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    Yeah, I know. But to support their business, fab plants will also come in.
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    EMS are mainly supported by supply chains of components and sub-assemblies and enclosures/moldings. It is Supplier driven, not manufacturer driven. On the other hand, Fab is purely silicon and other hi-tech wafer/chip manufacturing. There is an indirect dependence of EMS on fabs. It is like growing wheat in Punjab (Fab manufacturers) and Bread manufacturers (EMS) all over the country buying wheat from mandi/marketplace traders (wholesale Suppliers/Vendors).
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    Yeah, I know what Foxconn does.

    Once Foxconn moves into the country, other companies in the business that use Foxconn's services or provide them with service will also start coming in. Once those come in, other companies threatened by Foxconn's business, like Pegatron, will come in. It's a domino-effect. Companies will move to cut costs. This process has already started because of Modi's MII campaign. Like Flextronic's new factory in India.

    This will eventually bring in end to end production into the country, including the fab plants.
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    Hero Electronix, acquires stake in Tessolve Semiconductor
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    ISRO and Bangalore based Navika gets India GPS freedom
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    LOL, the list of all Indian semiconductor industry specific articles from EE Herald printed till date.:grin:, well well, emphasize on articles posted only post 2013 and leave all other.
    Made in India GPS semiconductor ICs by Navika

    IESA elects executive council for 2016-17

    Hero Electronix, acquires stake in Tessolve Semiconductor

    ST semiconductor chips power Make in India STB from MyBox

    Semiconductor equipment vendor Applied Materials Joins IITB Research Park as Anchor Client

    CoE for VLSI and embedded dystem design at BMSCE Bangalore

    Aricent acquires India based VLSI/semiconductor chip design services company SmartPlay

    Altran acquires India based VLSI/semiconductor chip design company SiConTech

    EDA company Synopsys listed as 5th biggest software vendor in India

    India Electronics and Semiconductor Association announces Executive Council for 2015-2016

    Jim Hogan joins Belgaum based VLSI design company Vayavya

    Union government to invest US$10 billion in India semiconductor fabs

    IESA signs MoU with TEEMA

    Budget FY 2015-16 points for the electronics and semiconductor industry in India

    India's first analog semiconductor fab in Madhya Pradesh

    Padmanabha Gowda to head Fairchild Semiconductor India

    India based memory semiconductor fab is more essential

    Solar PV semiconductor fab in Gujarat, India by SunEdison and Adani

    Solar PV, Inverter, and UPS drives India's MOSFET semiconductor market

    IOT was the central focus at a VLSI design event held in Bengaluru

    India based VLSI/Semiconductor company Ineda Systems wins GSA award

    STMicro's Bipin Pande on automotive semiconductor trends in India

    ST's semiconductor chip get into another India STB design

    Mobile phone semiconductor co. Mediatek expands in India

    India based GTPL selects ST's STB chipsets

    India Electronics and Semiconductor Association appoints M. N. Vidyashankar as President

    Renesas target India MCU market by establishing a subsidiary

    Wolfson selects India based Incube solutions for audio integration

    India semiconductor fab: LG, Samsung may be the next

    India semiconductor fab business challenges; from the horse’s mouth

    imec Offers fab related services to Indian customers of TSMC

    Two India semiconductor fabs approved by Government

    ARM opens design centre in Noida, UP

    AMD opens design centre in Hyderabad, India

    Come what may, India will have a semiconductor chip fab

    eInfochips' CEO on the emerging opportunities for Indian electronics companies

    India semiconductor market forecast by Gartner: To grow by 20% in 2013

    Semicon investor Lip-Bu Tan joins Ittiam's company Board

    CircuitSutra to provide training and consulting in using Forte's VLSI design tool

    Cadence completes acquisition of Bangalore based Cosmic Circuits

    Atrenta relocates into new R&D facility in Noida, India

    FTD Automation in Bangalore to sell Arasan Silicon IP in India

    Budget 2013: India semiconductor fab dream addressed

    Budget 2013 highlights for electronics and semiconductor industry

    Latest update on India’s electronics and semiconductor industry trends in 2013

    India semiconductor market: Imports to rise

    ISA Chairman: India strong in semiconductor and software but not putting it together

    KPIT and Sankalp Semiconductor innovate in pooling resources

    M-SIP and EMC for electronics and semiconductor industry approved by the cabinet

    Intersil expands in India to address the growing business

    India is home to heavy-duty VLSI design

    45nm to 28nm to 22nm to 14nm: A steep climb for the semiconductor industry

    Somshubhro Pal Choudhury takes over as Analog Devices’ MD for India Operations

    DeitY selects Accenture as consultant to evaluate chip fab proposal

    Counterfeit semiconductor parts and China sourcing; a big problem for Infineon India

    Falling Rupee hurting Indian electronic industry and is comparable to a Tsunami hit

    ABI: 70% of set-top box units in India are imported, mostly from China

    The proposed India semiconductor fab partners

    Tensilica to hire VLSI design engineers at its expanded office in Pune

    India Semiconductor Association elects Dr. Satya as new chairman for 2012-13

    India semiconductor market 2012: revenue to grow by 20%, as per Gartner

    Xilinx strengthens its R and D base in India

    Cypress Semiconductor India appoints Badri Kothandaraman

    Silcon Image opens R&D center in Hyderabad

    TowerJazz with its local partner bids for 'India semiconductor chip fab'

    Is 'All is well' for India electronics and semiconductor industry

    Key announcements expected at India Semiconductor Association' Vision Summit 2012

    EnSilica opens VLSI design centre in Bangalore, India

    Indian semiconductor company ships 12 million ICs

    India Semiconductor Assciation 2011 awards

    Maxim to focus on India semiconductor market

    Cosmic Circuits announces 2011 design contest winners

    IP creation can power the Indian ESDM industry

    SoCtronics tapeout first 28nm design from India

    India better not miss the next bus in electronics design and manufacturing

    India semiconductor fab is key, as per Draft National Telecom Policy- 2011

    India electronics and semiconductor industry: optimism in the air

    SEMI India forms SIG on HB LEDs

    Imec partners with Wipro to tap Indian nanotech research market

    ISA appoints PVG Menon as new President

    Freescale Semiconductor opens development center in Hyderabad's SEZ

    India Semiconductor market to grow by 15.5% in 2011, forecasts Gartner

    Economic Times' article calls for Government to set up semiconductor fab on its own

    Berkeley Design Automation names ICON Design Automation as representative in India

    Altera and RV-VLSI to setup an FPGA/SoPC lab in Bangalore

    Who is the lucky semiconductor fab investor in India?

    Europe's semiconductor researcher IMEC partners with Wipro

    Renesas Mobile inaugurates R&D center in Bangalore

    India semiconductor market grew by 28.3% in 2010 says ISA

    Semiconductor research in India; Omkaram Nalamasu of Applied

    NXP inaugurates Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) at I2IT Pune, India

    Lattice opens new support office in Bangalore

    India semiconductor fab plan gets serious

    Applied Materials taps IIT Bombay for semiconductor material innovation

    India's VLSI and embedded systems design market to reach $10.2B in 2012

    Mobile phone sales in rural India to grow at a CAGR of 19% from 2011-12 to 2013-14

    India attracts ROHM Semiconductor

    Pradip Dutta elected as chairman of India Semiconductor Association

    Safety approval body UL opens test lab in Bangalore, India

    In Indian flat TV market Sony leads in sales and Videocon in growth

    ANSI launches U.S. standards directory in India

    IEEE announces Standards Interest Group (SIG) for India

    India's semiconductor industry alerted about disruptive nano tech

    India's hardware and semiconductor industry growth based on inclusive growth

    Free design seminar for semiconductor design experts in India from Atrenta

    Renesas- India to double its semiconductor sales by 2012

    Cosmic Circuits bags multiple awards in 2010 with new IP launches

    Cadence makes deep inroads into Indian electronics and semiconductor industry

    Moser Baer to develop Copper Indium Gallium Selenide semiconductor based solar cells

    NXP Semiconductor's Neeraj hints on India's electronics industry opportunities
    Broadcom-India expands its facilities in Bangalore and Hyderabad

    Mentor Graphics and Trident collaborate with Hyderabad's JNTU in VLSI design

    TI; a company with advantage to serve the Indian semiconductor market

    India semiconductor revenue to cross $8 billion due to localization of manufacturing

    At FPGA Camp in Bangalore it was not Xilinx v/s Altera v/s Lattice Semiconductor

    India Semiconductor Association members elect Bobby Mitra as Chairman

    Analog Devices expands its facility in Bangalore

    Magma; the design flow master extends its design flow expertise to analog/mixed signal

    India based semiconductor tester Tessolve gets VC funding and merges its business with DTS

    Actel's Hyderabad office to provide 24x5 customer support

    De Core to soon produce white LEDs from its opto-semiconductor fab at Noida

    Best consultants related to India's electronics and semiconductor industry

    India Semiconductor Association suggests extending India semiconductor policy to 2015

    SWOT analysis of India's electronics and semiconductor industry

    Multiple design contests in semiconductor and embedded systems design for Indian EEs

    ST's Corporate VP: India deserves to have its own electronics-manufacturing base

    Karnataka semiconductor policy recognizes 3 idiots

    Karnataka semiconductor policy to change the face of Indian electronics industry

    India badly needs a semiconductor fab

    SPEL; India's only semiconductor assembly and test services company grows by 14%

    Storage and networking semiconductor specialist LSI increased its India's R&D strength

    VLSID 2010 focuses on emerging semiconductor markets such as India

    Ravi Swaminathan appointed as MD and VP of Sales and Marketing for AMD India

    ST Micro engages solidly with India's power semiconductor market

    Interaction with Xilinx-India CTO on FPGA design issues and trends

    India's new solar mission opening a floodgate of opportunities

    IP and patents are the gold reserves of the semiconductor industry

    India targets 20 giga watts of solar power by 2020, AP leads

    Indian Telecom market: ITI and Intel right match for growth of wireless broadband n/ws

    Aldec opens new office in Bangalore, India

    BSNL connectivity, HCL computers and Intel chips and tech; a powerful combination

    NXP and Avni collaborate to develop LED based street lighting solutions for India

    Kyocera is strategically investing in sales and divesting its Indian R&D resources

    Wipro ranked as number-one semiconductor global R&D service provider

    India UK Semiconductor handshake; where it can be strong?

    Smartbook was the top attraction at Freescale Semiconductor's event in Bangalore, India

    Semiconductor companies realizing the potential of Indian SMEs in non-metros

    Tata BP Solar and NXP Semiconductor partnering to develop products by using combined technology

    Cosmic Circuits appoints Jose-Maria Moniz as Vice-President Worldwide sales

    India; the blooming garden for semiconductor industry

    More Indians at the helm of the semiconductor firm Microchip

    Consumer electronics manufacturing contrast: India and China

    IIT Mumbai, India and Infineon together deliver high voltage functionality in CMOS Semiconductor devices

    Importance of semiconductor fab for India

    Rajastan state of India is next big market for solar semiconductor industry

    Q&A session with Praveen Acharya of KPIT Cummins Infosystems

    WiMAX IC market opportunities in India

    Indian semiconductor market parameters are not so common with world semiconductor

    India's largest thinfilm solar PV module production line is ready

    India will emerge into leading position in semiconductor market

    SEMI forms India PV Advisory Committee and to conduct a solar event in Nov 09

    Semiconductor-manufacturing investment flow of 23 billion USD into India

    Indian Engineers severely lack exposure to semiconductor manufacturing

    India semiconductor investment: 2nd quarter 07

    Tesla Semiconductor, a new analog semiconductor R & D venture in Bangalore

    India semiconductor policy is officially announced

    Semiconductor policy of India to boost the morale of Indian electronic engineers
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    India based memory semiconductor fab is more essential
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    Panasonic to increase local manufacturing and research in India
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