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Indian SOCOM: One strike force. many ops

Discussion in 'Indian Army' started by lca-fan, Jun 11, 2017.

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    One strike force. many ops
    By Pradip R Sagar | Published: 11th June 2017 08:15 AM |

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    NEW DELHI: A centralised Special Operations Command (SOCOM) dedicated to surgical strikes is in the offing. Its members will be drawn from all three arms of the Indian Forces. SOCOM’s creation is based on the government’s belief that full-scale wars will be rare and all future battles will be fought with clinical precision in swift, targeted attacks against the enemy.

    The Army has been given a free hand to retaliate with cross-border strikes and special ops whenever necessary. South Block has fast-tracked approvals for acquiring assault rifles, light machine guns, night vision equipment and other such specialised equipment. SOCOM envisages the integration of all Special Forces in the Army, Navy and Air Force by synergising training facilities, weaponry, equipment and dedicated transport aircraft.

    SOCOM will be on the lines of the unified United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) charged with overseeing various special operations commands of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force of the US Armed Forces. Currently, India’s Special Forces report to different ministries and department heads. They have a combined strength of nearly 5,000 men.

    India’s Special Forces have a combined strength of nearly 5,000 men: Para SF of the Army, Marcos of the Navy and Garud Commandoes of the Air Force. 10,000 soldiers of the National Security Guard, Special Frontier Force and R&AW augment this force. But they work in separate silos. Proposed in 2003, SOCOM will be headed by a Lieutenant General directly reporting to the Chairman Chief of Staff Committee, the highest ranking military officer in the country.

    But A K Antony, the then Defence Minister, turned it down citing budgetary constraints. SOCOM is an extension of the new NDA doctrine of unequivocally supporting the Army in combat ops—be the ‘hot pursuit’ in the jungles of Myanmar or supporting Major Leetul Gogoi’s human shield strategy.

    The Prime Minister’s Office has asked Integrated Defence Staff, the coordination arm of all three services, to take feedback from all stakeholders. According to a highly placed South Block source, the proposal will then be submitted to the Cabinet Committee on Security for the final nod.

    Apart from clearing administrative hurdles, ministry officials are charged with smoothing out inter-service rivalry. “Squabbles over who will be in control of SOCOM was a reason why the proposal was put on the back burner. With the decision to go ahead having been taken at the highest level, this issue needs to be sorted out at the earliest,” a top official told The Sunday Standard.

    Recent Special Forces Ops Para SF carried out
    surgical strikes in PoK in September 2016
    On June 9, 2015, raids were carried out on NSCN and PLA in Myanmar

    In January 2016, NSG was called to neutralise terrorists who attacked the Pathankot Air Force base
    Navy’s Marine Commandos (MARCOS) are deployed on warships in the Gulf of Aden since 2008 to protect merchant ships from Somali pirates


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    I'll believe it when I see it, every few years this idea is brought back into the public arena but there never seems to be any real push to move past the hurdles, the services themselves can't agree on these things so I have little hope this time will be any different but I hope to be proven wrong.
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    Still in nascent stage. Let's see how it unfolds.
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