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India's Neglected North-East

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by GUNS-N- ROSES, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Jun 3, 2011
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    In my many years of defence reporting i have observed that India's North east is seldom highlighted by mainstream media and political parties. so while the north east produces the best athletes in India but it is the "politically important states" which always remain in the news.

    the case i want to highlight is that economic blockade which happened in one particular state in north east. the blockade was only marginally highlighted by mainstream media. so most people were not even aware of the blockade. Had such blockade happened in haryana or UP/Bihar the matter wd have remained in highlights 24/7 for months altogether.

    Frankly speaking, for a common man India practically starts from Gujrat and ends at Kolkatta. period. wat lies east of kolkatta is conveniently forgotten. no wonder the insurgency level and feeling of alienation is very high. Most people are highly charged up about Kashmir but they dont have any knowledge of north east.

    years of central neglect, corruption and insurgency (which is a result of neglect and corruption) had put North east in different league as compared to rest of India in economic progress. so while u have shining towers in bangalore and chennai, people still lack basic infrastrucure in north east.

    most people i know in north east are fiercely patriotic. in fact more patriotic than me. i did have friendship with couple of girls from nagaland/arunachal/manipur/assam and found them to be extremly patriotic but sadded by inconsiderate attitude of rest of indians.

    but there is hope, the govt is investing lot of money in north east and infrastrucure is improving slowly. several people from north east are joining armed forces and serving the nation which in itself is a welcome development. only recently i met a soldier in IAF from nagaland.

    India's north east is a tourism heaven waiting to be explored. ministry of tourism is running several programms to improve tourism.

    but wat is required is that we do our bit to know abt india's north east. wen we discuss india, we should start with Gujrat and end with Arunachal pradesh/nagaland. National integration requires effort and we all have to do our bit.
  2. jagjitnatt

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    Apr 30, 2010
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    Lived in Nagaland(Dimapur) for 2 years. Great place. Dense Jungles, a lot of lakes, and high mountains visible from everywhere. You also occasionally get to see the Sambar deer on roads.

    Unfortunately, its not a safe place for tourists at the moment. But a beautiful one for sure. Immense development is required to get the Nagas on board the economic progress.
  3. Vritra

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    Feb 10, 2011
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    The state governments are so corrupt in the east that its a wonder they have any facilities at all. Most of the development money that comes from the centre are just stripped down by all the hungry pockets inbetween them and the people. Its only when they've got someone to show of for does the government actually move its ass. To get something done. Like when the Bangladeshi PM visited Agartala. They spent a couple of months before hand tidying up the place, and it was amazing what they achieved: proper collection schedules for rubbish dumps, sewage works taking place, roads being repaved. And as soon as the whole fanfare was over, bam. Back to the old routine.

    There are a lot of non-political international NGOs active in places like Manipur and Tripura who simply circumvent the state government and get the money to the people directly. But even they can achieve only so much with the government trying to look over their shoulders at every step of the way.

    The east is a beautiful place, it really is. Just been forgotten for too long.
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