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Infraction And Ban Rules

Discussion in 'IDF Management' started by nair, Oct 21, 2016.

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  1. nair

    nair Guest

    Dear Users,

    Please find the Forum rules for infraction and ban

    1) We Follow 3 strikes (3 points for ban)
    2) Minimum Ban of 7 days, next a month and 3 months, and a year for repeated bans
    3) Trolling : 1 point 1 week validity
    4) Personal attack 1 point 1 month validity
    5) Foul language, insulting a nationality, religion, 2 points 2 month validity
    6) Racist post, harassing female members 3 points 3 months

    These rules will be amended as and when forum grow......


    Moderation team
  2. nair

    nair Guest

    We have added posts of "No Value" to the ban list.... there will be a pre warning to the member before infraction... repeated violation will lead to infraction and ban....
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