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initiate strong penal actions as per AWBI Audit Report for the period 1.4.2012 till March,2016

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by Dr SK Mittal, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Jan 7, 2017
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    The Audit Report which has concluded with sever observations, conclusions and Remarks. It needs punitive actions and initiation of collection proceedings against erred Chairman, Vice Chairman, Members and officials. It revels the gross misuse of Government funding, malicious sanctions and misguiding the Animal Welfare Division and MoEF&CC.
    IT LOOKS GEN. KHAB & DR S. CHINNY KRISHNA MADE ANIMAL WELFARE A BUSINESS and played in the hands of Sri Jayasimha of Humane Society Intl.
    Present AWBI Board was constituted by then Env.& Forest Minister in Jan./Feb 2014 under the will and suggestion of Dr. RM Kharb and CBI tainted Dr. Chinnikrishna. Non Official Persons were inducted with Conflict of Interest as they were connected with Humane Society International viz. Mr. NGJayasimha, Ms.Somya Reddy. Dr.Chinnikrishna (CBI Tainted), Dr.Kharb & Ms.Anjali Sharma etc
    Board functioning was deteriorated substantially due to nomination of non effective Persons or non allocation of work or not permitting to work by above Group.
    The whole working was under the direction of Mr. NGJaysimha and CBI tainted Dr.Chinikrishna direction and instead of AWBI they were more concerned about NREP like projects.
    This group brought hundred of Co opted Members to the Board. These persons like Ms. Gauri Mulekhi, Mr. NV Sreekath Babu, Mr. Manilal etc who were dictated from super powers and were obliging their bosses at the cost of Animal Welfare. Secretaries on deputation were teased and compelled to go back to bring again and again one person named Sri vinod Kumar. Audit Committee has observed suitably.
    Audit Report has observed 11 out of 14 sub committees as totalOut of 22 members many were only attended AGM in spite of formation of Sub committees. These Sub committees were non effective. Even as per the old prevailing system the inspection of AWOs would had been carried out by these members but 1st members of the choice of Chairman / Vice Chairman were co opted and then inspection was given to them.
    Problems like Cow sacrifice on Bakar idd day or Cattle Smuggling to Bangladesh were brought several times to the notice of BOARD but ignored.
    1) Overall observation of Audit can be reflected here as under:
    1. Irregular and unequal funding to selected AWOs
    2. Extreme Violation of Govt. Rules/ Regulations
    3. Functioning without Objectives of AWBI
    4. Overlooked the Coordination- Cooperation- Correlation With Centre & State as Govt. Body
    5. Corruptions in Film / Circus Committee and Hon AWO Certificates
    6. Open Misuse of Power by Crossing Borderline- Against Govt. (Jallikattu Issues)
    7. Adopted Private Company Working Mentality & System
    8. Encouraged Foreign AWOs in for Policy Making & Shared Powers
    9. Parallel Set up was created by Co opted members in violation of Act & Rule


    10. Limited Area of Work- Various States Neglected

    11. Ruined Goshala Development Programmes

    12. Ignored the functioning / Estt. Of State Animal Welfare Boards/ District SPCs Concept

    13. Unilateral Focus- Dog care & Management

    14. No Attention in Public Oriented Programmes- Educational & Awareness Progammes

    15. Cruelties to Animals Increased (animal transportation, slaughter house, gen. cruelties etc)

    16. Failed in Organizing Training Programmes for All Kinds of Workers to Develop Skills

    17. No National / International Programmes/ Seminars Organized

    18. Important Ministerial meetings were represented by Co opted Members

    19. No Effort Made for Fund Raising Programmes Inside & Out side of Country

    20. AWBI Officers even Secretaries & Staff Suffered of Humiliation, Neglect, Partiality & Torture Openly

    21. Useless/ Costly Meetings Held- No Fruitful Results

    22. State Committees Found Fake- No Work

    23. Office Functioning Procedures Interrupted/ Useless for Common Man

    I am annexing the Conclusion Para of above Audit Report and sure that above will attract your immediate attention and suitable action will be initiated at your good end.

    With high regard
    Dr.SK Mittal
    Audit Report from 1.4.2012 to March,2016 by Chief Controller of Accounts, MoEF&CC vide no. Pr.AO/MoEF&CC/IAW/IR-8/AWBI/2016-27/3532 Dt.3532 Dt.14.09.2016.

    The Audit Team observed that no control mechanism exists in the Board at any level to oversee the correctness and authenticity of the financial transactions took place in the Board. The primary reason for this is the disregard for various codal provisions prescribed guidelines/ instructions issued by Ministry of Finance, Animal Welfare Division, MoEF&CC by the Board. It has been noticed that in most of the cases Animal Welfare Board of India Chennai did not adhare to and exceeded its authority, while sanctioning grants and concurring financial approvals in various cases referring the cases to Ministry.

    Audit Para No.2: Release of Grants to AWOs associated with Office bearers/Co opted members of the Board (ABC Grant RS.59.63 & 58.90 Lakhs to Animal Care Land, Trupati & Blue Cross of India, Chennai

    Audit Conclusion Audit is of the view that these were cases of conflict of interest as the Grants Sub Committee headed by the Chairman approved the Grants to the same AWO with which he is associated and in other case one of the Co opted member is associated. Further, the Grants were released without following prescribed procedure in a fair and transparent manner.

    Audit Para No.2:Sanctioning of Grants to AWOs worth Rs.1,99,52,240/- under ABC Scheme on old Reports

    Audit Conclusion

    1) Scrutiny of these test cases, revealed tht all the above mentioned cases were referred to Sub Grant committee(SGC) without proper scrutiny and in non of the cases AWOs were asked to submit a fresh inspection report for considering sanction of the Grant. Whereas in many cases reviewed during the course of internal audit. It has been observed that Board has requested Animal Husbandry Department or Local Municipal Corporation, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh to carry out inspection of AWO concerned before placing the same before Grant Sub Committee. Even in the above referred test Cases, Board arranged the inspection of ANIMAL CARE LAND through Animal Husbandry Department before sanctioning grant under Ambulance Scheme. But in rest of above cases no such valid action was initiated by the Board and sanctioned the GRANT in violation of Scheme Guidelines.

    2) Even, Grant sub Committee also failed to exercise due diligence while considering the proposals for sanctioning the grants to AWOs and approved in violation of Scheme Guidelines without having proper scrutiny of each and every case. These cases were later financially approved by CHIRMAN while releasing grants to AWOs.

    3) Scheme Guidelines clearly stipulate that on receipt of an application for grant in aid inspection will be undertaken by the prescribed agency. But in the above referred test cases, inspections were carried out by a Co opted member. One of the Board Member and a Private Secretary who do not fall under the terms of Prescribed Agency and the same was not in conformity with the scheme Guidelines.

    4) These Test Cases imply that the Board being a Statuory Advisory Body and face of Animal Welfare Movement in the Country has failed to ensure strict compliance of Scheme Guidelines and enforce a sound grnt mechanism in the process of sanctioning grants to AWOs causing SERIOUS fianancial implications on public ex-chequer.

    Audit Para No.3:Sanctioning of Grants to AWOs beyond RS.15 Lakhs in each case under Shelter House Scheme without Audit prior approval of the Ministry

    Audit Conclusion From the above, it is evident that the Board has acted in violation of instructions of the Ministry and exercised its own discretion while sanctioning grants beyond RS.15 lakhs in each such case to various AWOs during the financial years 2014-15 & 2015-16 without seeking previous approval of the Ministry.

    Animal Welfare Division and MoEF&CC has also clarified that non of the above cases has been cleared by them .

    Audit Para No.4:Release of Regular Grant to AWOs/NGOs without obtaining Utilization Certificate for the previous grant in contravention of prescribed norms of MoEF&CC Schemes

    Audit Conclusion

    1) From the above, it isevident that SGC did not thoroughly scrutinize the proposals for release of grants and arbitrarily sanctioned grant to defaulting AWOs against whom Utilization Certificates were pending for Grants released in the previous years.

    2) It also indicates that no transparency has been maintained by the Board while sanctioning the Grant as the same was not done in affair and judicious manner.

    3) The above act of the Board was in gross violation of provisions contained in Rule 212 of General Financial Rules, 2005 which clearly states that any grant sanctioned in the subsequent year should be released only after Utilization Certificate in respect of Grants of preceding financial year is submitted.

    4) Board has also not built up any effective monitoring system/mechanism of inspection to ensure that organizations who have been provided with funds from the Ministry or the Board have utilized the funds prudently and honestly.

    5) The Board also did not take any appropriate action to black list such fraudulent and incompetent organizations as stipulated under Rule 212 of GFR-2005 so far except sending reminders in a very routine manner.

    6) Such arbitrary decisions have deprived of many deserving/eligible NGOs/AWOs from getting the Grant under the Schemes due to manipulation either individually or in collusion leading to mis-utilization of Govt. money which is serious irregularity.

    Audit Para No.5: Irregularity in appointment of Sri S.Vinod kumar as Accountant on deputation basis, his absorption as Accounts Officer and appointment as Assistant Secretary on direct recruitment basis.

    Audit Conclusion

    From the records presented before audit, it is evident that from the beginning, the Board extended undue benefits to Sri S.Vinodkumar in his appointment on deputation and his absorption by allowing him higher pay scales in gross violation of codal provisions. The decisions of the board for appointing Sri S. Vinodkumar as Assistant Secretary on direct recruitment basis was also biased and no fairness and transparency was maintained by the Board in the said appointment process ignoring other deserving candidates.

    Audit Para 6: Wrong pay fixation in case of Sri S. Vinod Kumar, while appointing him as Assistant Secretary on Direct Recruitment basis.

    Audit Conclusion

    1) Audit noticed certain discrepancies in the pay fixation of Sri S. Vinod Kumar.

    2) Accordingly, overpayment of Pay & allowance needs to be recovered due to incorrect pay fixation made in respectof Sri S.Vinod kumar, Assistant Secretary w. e. f. 1.7.2007 onwards and w.e.f. 14.5.2010 after his appointment as Assistant Secretary on direct recruitment basis.

    Audit Para No.07: Opaqueness in the administrative functioning of the Bord resulting in the violation of various Codal provisions and Govt. of India Instructions issued from time to time.

    Audit Conclusion

    1) Till date Board has not felt the necessity to review the delegation of Administrative and financial powers to the officers of the Board in consultation with the Ministry so that a formal order regarding delegation of powers could be issued to streamline the internal functioning of the Board

    2) The Audit Team observed that no control mechanism exists in the Board at any level to oversee the correctness and authenticity of the financial transactions took place in the Board. The primary reason for this is the disregard for various Codal provisions, prescribed guidelines/instructions issued by Ministry of Finance,Animal Welfare Division, MoEF&CC.

    3) No transparency, fairness and accountability has been ensured in the functioning of the Board for the reason tht in most of the cases Animal Welfare Board of India Chennai exceeded its Authority while sanctioning grants & concurring financial approvals in various cases without referring the cases to the ministry.

    Audit Para No.8:Wasteful expenditure to the tune of RS.8,33,206/- incurred on setting up of Chairman’s office at Delhi

    Audit Conclusion

    2) Initially Board neglected all the prescribed codal provisions of GFR-2005 while awarding, Refurbishing work to M/s.Satyam Furniture House. No fairness of the rates, quality and competitiveness was ensured by the board.

    3) Heavy expenditure of RS.8.33 lakhs proved unfruitful as the Chirman’s Camp Office was never made functional at “Jeevan Prakash” Building, New Dehi.Moreover Camp office was shifted to Gurgaon (Haryana) without any formal approval of the ministry.

    Audit Para No.09: Issues related to functional need of maintain Camp Office of Chairman AWBI at Gurgaon (Haryana)

    Audit Conclusion

    1) There is no provision in the Animal Welfare Board (Administration) Rules,1962 to maintain a Camp Office outside the Headquarters.The functioning of the Camp Office is, thus against the Rules Notified by the Government for the Board

    2) As per Rule 14 of AWBI(Administration)Rules 192. No remuneration shall paid to any member of the Board ob account of his services as such, However, maintain its Camp Office from the personal residence of the present Chairman, directly or indirectly, the Board is providing many facilities to the Chairman, and acting against the rules of the Board.

    3) Internal Audit was not shown and documents/approval of the Ministry for setting up of Camp Office at Gurgaon and the posting of regular staff at Camp office. Moreover, there are no records to verify the utility of regular posting of staff member at Camp Office.

    Audit Para No.10:- Irregular procurement of 10 Desktop Computers worth Rs.3,66,000/- without following codal provisions under GFR-2005

    Audit Conclusion 1)Board did not observe relevant codal provisions as enumerated under GFR-2005 in a holistic manner while procuring Desktop Computers.

    3) Board also made 100% advance payment to the supply agency on both the occasions in gross violation of Rule 150 of GFR-2005.

    Audit Para No.11:- Un-Authorized procurement of Mobile phones worth RS.47098/- in contravention of Guidelines issued by Ministry of Finance

    Audit Conclusion

    1) Board breached ceiling fixed by the Ministry of finance while reimbursing the Cost of Mobile phone to the Chairman.

    2) Purchase of Mobile phone for the use of Secretary of the Board was also in violation of instructions / guidelines issued by Ministry of Finance as the officer was not entitled for the use of Mobile phone.

    Audit Para No12:- Un authorized reimbursement of Telephone charges amounting to RS.62,709/- to non entitled officials of the Board.

    Audit Conclusion

    1) Board has again violated the prescribed norms/guidelines issued by Ministry of Finance while reimbursing telephone charges to non entitled officials of the Board which is a serious financial offence.

    2) It Clearly implies that Board has been functioning at its own discretion and disregarding the govt. of India instructions and Guidelines issued from time to time.

    3) Such unauthorized reimbursement of telephone charges has caused extra financial burden on public ex-chequer which should be recovered from these officials. (namely Mr. S.Vinod Kumar Rs.15,509/-,Dr.RB Chaudhary RS.6400/-,Mr. S.Bharathkumar RS.9200/- & Mr. Rajesh Kaushik RS.31,600/-)

    Audit Para No.13:- Irregular payment of RS.1,26,584/- to Hotel Deccan Plaza for the stay of Chairman & Board Members for GSC and Board Meetings in the month of August,2014.

    Audit Conclusion

    1) Board did not adopt a transparent process to empaned hotels, tariff alongwith other terms & conditions by way of inviting quotations for the stay of Chairman and othe Board Members during their official visit to Chennai.

    2) Even no formal agreement/Contract has been executed by the Board with the existing Hotel.

    Audit Para No14:- Booking of Air tickets from Unauthorized agency.

    Audit Conclusion

    Board did not ensure the compliance of Codal provisions for booking of Air Tickets from above mentioned agencies authorized by Govt. of India for booking of Air Tickets or from the official Website of Air India (Tickets were booked through M/S. Neptune Travels Ltd)

    Audit Para No.15:- Unsold stock of Priced publication worth RS.1,25,478/-

    Audit Conclusion

    1) No assessment of actual requirement of publications was made by the Board and thereby resulting in dumping of unsold priced publications in the office premises.

    2) Further, no action was taken to dispose off those publications which are no longer required by the Board by the way of auction/sale or otherwise in consultation with the Ministry

    3) The Board has not remitted the unutilized amount of subscription received on account of priced publication for further depositing of the same into Govt. account.

    Audit Para No.16:-Non Disposal of surplus or obsolete or unserviceable electronic/furniture items lying idle in the premises of the Board.

    Audit Conclusion

    1) Board has not taken any action since its inception to declare these stores as unserviceable/obsolete and to dispose off these by any means as provided under various provisions of GFR.

    2) Due to non disposal of items declared surplus or obsolete or unserviceable, a lot of precious office space has been occupied by these surplus or obsolete or unserviceable items. This has resulted in misuse of valuable office space and created a vast dumping ground which may invite an untoward incidence like fire.

    Audit Para No17:- General Observations:- Audit Conclusion

    17.1 Reconciliation of CPF account Balances The Board need to reconcile the balance of CPF accounts with CPF balance with the Bank. While doing so necessary action needs to be taken on Audit observation No.6 of Section-C of Audit Report of AG(Audit) Chennai as incorporated by them in their Transaction Audit Report for the year 2013-14 & 2014-15.

    17.2 Review the need for the existence of 07 in active/ Non functional Sub Committees

    The Board in the 40th General Meeting held on 27.3.2014 constituted 10(Ten) Sub Committees. Out of these 10 Sub Committees, following 07 sub committees are not functioning and inactive:

    i. Humane Education Sub Committee

    ii. Editorial Sub Committee

    iii. ABC/AR Sub Committee

    iv. Gaushala Sub Committee

    v. Sub committee on Transportation and Farm Animals

    vi. Committee on Fund Raising and Awareness

    vii. Regional Sub Committees (5 in Numbers)

    In fact there are 11 non functioning Sub Committees as Regional Sub Committees are 05(five) in numbers. These sub committees were constituted just 02(two) years back and with in a short span of two years they have become non functional. More surprisingly, Since March, 2014, the Board never reviewed the need for the existence of these Sub Committees as they are not actively involved in the functioning of the Board. During the discussion, the reasons for the existence and continuance of these inactive Sub Committees could not be explained to Audit.

    RECOMMENDATION:- Board may undertake comprehensive review of each of these in-active Sub Committees and ascertain the reasons for the same. Further, it should also assess the need for the existence of each Sub Committee and send a detaied proposal to the Ministry to revoke the constitution of each such Sub committee . 17.3 Digitalization of the functioning of the AWBI:- Recommendation The Board may analyze its activities to make them functional on line and send a detailed proposal in this regard to the Ministry for further review and approval.

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