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Iran ready to mediate in Kashmir dispute says Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan.

Discussion in 'South Asia & SAARC' started by OverLoad, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. OverLoad

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    Oct 12, 2015
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    Looks like Indo-Iranian relationship is not what it used to be. This is quite a departure from the usual Iranian position over the few years.


    Iran's Ambassador to Pakistan Mehdi Honardoost has said that Iran is ready to use its special influence and relations with Pakistan and India to mediate between the conflicting parties on Kashmir issue and help bring sustainable peace in the region.

    In an interview with APP, Honardoost said, “Iranian government has announced its readiness for any support, for any hope of peace and tranquillity in the region.”

    However, the ambassador clarified that neither side has put in a formal request for mediation yet.

    “We have not yet received any official request from both sides for Iran as a large country in the region to come and try to solve the matter,” he said.

    The ambassador maintained that any conflict or tension between the two countries would hinder their progress and also impact upon the economies of the other countries in the region.

    "It is important to remove such tensions to ensure sustainable and durable peace in the region," he added.

    Terrorism a global phenomena
    The ambassador said that terrorism is a global phenomenon, “It's not located only in one area or in one country, and it is the consequence of the approach of the super powers towards terrorism.”

    He said "If we analyse terrorism, on one hand the super powers have been supporting some sort of terrorist elements against the host country's government and on the other they have been fighting against it on some other time or in some other country.”

    This contradictory approach is the root-cause of good or bad terrorists.

    Terrorism is bad in all its manifestations, he said. “In Syria they are so dangerous and one day they will come back to their societies and I am sure that the control of those terrorists will not be so easy for these governments.”

    When asked his comments on Syria crisis, he said that there were several terrorists groups in Syria some six years ago, “receiving some facilities from some countries, they came against the people of the Syria and the legal government of Syria, but the resistance of the people did not let them succeed.”

    Importance of OIC
    He was of the opinion that Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) was very important circle and group for the Islamic world and underlined the need to widen its sphere by adding all Islamic countries in its fold.

    “As part of this family we should try to have more interaction, many Islamic countries right now are in a chaotic situation, and their people in a bad situation. We should try to improve the situation. The responsibility of this issue is on the shoulders of the big and important Islamic countries like Iran and Pakistan.”

    He said the Islamic world is facing multifaceted problems at present which include conflicts and tensions between each other besides global challenges.

    “More interaction and cooperation between the biggest Islamic countries can help remove tension between them”.

    Responding to a question if Iran was interested in joining Saudi Arab's Islamic coalition, he said the Iranian authorities have announced their intentions to join the alliance as Iran firmly believes that all the tensions which the Islamic world is facing can be resolved mutually.

    “Its better for all important countries to come together and resolve these issues of Islamic world, we believe that the coalition of peace has more priority and importance than any other problem.”

    Pak-Iran trade and CPEC
    Talking about the Pak-Iran trade ties, he said the bilateral trade was not up to its potential. However, he said the Free Trade Agreement draft has been signed and it would soon be operative to enhance two-way trade.

    He said the relevant authorities of both countries would be meeting in the forthcoming 20th round of the economic joint commission between Pakistan and Iran during which, he added, some tangible plans would be evolved to further strengthen the trade ties.

    Both neighbouring Iran and Pakistan are unique in the region and have very friendly and brotherly relations and their population constitutes a good market for the business community of the two countries, he said.

    “Our future is bright after the removal of impediments. Hopefully our trade relations would continue to grow,” he remarked.

    Replying to a query on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said it is a giant project with full of opportunities, not only for Pakistan and China but for all countries of the region.

    Mehdi Honardoost said it was beyond any doubt that it can not only work as a game-changer for the region but would also turn to be unifying force for the countries in the region.

    “Our people in the region and the countries are suffering a lot from tensions and conflicts between some countries, and fortunately Pakistan had (acquired) very good position (through this project), a very good gesture regarding increasing the peace and tranquility of the region.”

    He was confident that the completion of the CPEC would help bring in unity and consolidation by removing tensions among the conflicting countries.

    “Hence, we announce our official stance and position regarding the Iranian interest and willingness to come into CPEC.” Earlier, he extended his Norouz greetings to the people of Pakistan. He said it is the beginning of the New Year and arrival of spring.

    About his official assignment, he said he was increasing interactions with other departments and sectors in Pakistan to achieve better results. “I feel like at home as the people are almost same, same moods and styles, attitudes and almost same environment including weather as he finds in Mashad and its suburbs. “
  2. Pundrick

    Pundrick Lieutenant FULL MEMBER

    Oct 31, 2016
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    :facepalm: Bro nowhere in the article he was quoted saying anything about Kashmir.

    And you know that Iran is also run by religious sentiments just like you, it will take one incident to trigger a conflict between Pak & Iran.
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  3. Himanshu Pandey

    Himanshu Pandey Don't get mad, get even. STAR MEMBER

    Jul 21, 2011
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    sure.. they can try it.. and get reminded of there status in the scheme of world.
  4. Lion of Rajputana

    Lion of Rajputana Captain FULL MEMBER

    Oct 25, 2016
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    United States
    I don't believe he said that anywhere, but if he did, then India is also ready to mediate between Iran and the peoples of Kurdistan and Balochistan.

    As a sidenote though, Iran doesn't seem particularly happy about Raheel Shareef being made head of that little military pseudo coalition which was purportedly going to "fight terrorism." I'd say that Pakistanis are better off worrying about that than trying to drag Iran into something that they are not involved or interested in.

    But at the end of the day, India has nothing to worry about re: Iran. Iran being a Shia nation and a geographic neighbor of Pakistan will never truly be Pakistan's friend, their interests directly clash when it comes to Afghanistan, and India is one of the few significant countries in the world which never snapped ties/stopped doing business with Iran even during the sanctions period. Iran is unlikely to forget that.
  5. WhyCry

    WhyCry Reaper Love IDF NewBie

    Jan 27, 2017
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    This is the kashmir by pakistan.


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