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Isro peers into space, looks for ‘second earth’

Discussion in 'Indian Military Doctrine' started by layman, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Is there a ‘second earth’? Is anyone out there in outer space? In the quest for answers to these questions, Indian space scientists are peering at the heavens as part of a global race to discover a ‘second earth’ outside the solar system.

    And, if they find one with oceans and an atmosphere conducive for life, the next logical question would be: is there life out there on the ‘other earth’?

    Given that the Milky Way galaxy has more than 100 billion stars, it’s probable that there are planets revolving around most of them.

    The arduous task of locating them in the hazy band of white light arcing across the sky has drawn scientists of Physical Research Labor**atory (PRL), Ahmedabad, to an observatory located on Mount Abu in Rajasthan, a location chosen because of the maximum number of cloudless nights in a year.

    “Plane**tary exploration is of highest priority for us. About 20-30 people are working on it, but it will take some time to discover them (planets outside the solar system)†Prof U.R. Rao, Chairman, Gover**ni**ng Council, Physical Res**e**arch Laboratory (PRL), told Deccan Chron**icle.

    Isro’s scientists said they are scanning the sky with a spectrograph mounted on a 1.2 meter telescope at Mount Abu, but plan to move the gadget to a 2.5 meter telescope scheduled to be built in a couple of years.

    Dr Abhijit Chakraborty, Associate Professor at PRL, says: “This is a long-term programme and often takes years to find one (planet outside the solar system). And, we have certain number of such candidate stars that we are regularly observing for detection (of planets).â€

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