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ITI wins Rs 7,000 crore order for Army Static Switched Communication Network-ASCON

Discussion in 'Indian Army' started by Darth Marr, Sep 22, 2017.

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    BENGALURU: State-owned ITI LtdBSE 18.21 % today said it has won Rs 7,000 crore-phase IV tender of Army (Army Static Switched Communication Network-ASCON) for deploying and maintaining its strategic communication network across the country.

    The project includes civil works for providing the complete infrastructure required at various sites and optical fiber network, the company said in a release.

    It also includes the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of telecom equipment like IP/MPLS Routers, Microwave Radio, Satellite Terminals, NMS,Mobile Nodes and Test Equipment, it said.

    "Valued at over Rs 7000 crore, we are very excited to take up ASCON phase IV.

    The project will provide telecom solution and infrastructure with a warranty period of two years and maintenance support of the network for eight years after the warranty," ITIBSE 18.21 % CMD S GoGopu said.

    "This ASCON PH IV turnkey order from Defence will be in continuation with phase I, II and III ASCON (Army Static Switched Communication Network) which have been established by ITI in the last 25 years and being maintained by ITI till date," he added.

    ITI said ASCON is the army's telecom network backbone implemented in phases along the borders.

    The network consists of a large number of voice and data switches interconnected with various media types like microwave radio, optical fiber equipments and satellites.

    ASCON Phase-IV will be Pan-India network spanning different terrains in the northern, north-eastern and western regions, it said.
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