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Kapil Mishra asks Kumar Vishwas to break his silence over rampant corruption and malpractices in AAP

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by omya, Nov 3, 2017.

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    AAP rebel leader Kapil Mishra today wrote a scathing open letter to AAP leader Kumar Vishwas asking him why he keeps quiet when he sees wrongdoings in Aam Aadmi Party, especially by AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal.

    Earlier, Vishwas had tweeted a poem, in which he had hinted at breaking silence:

    [​IMG]Dr Kumar Vishvas


    ख़ुशियों के बेदर्द लुटेरो
    ग़म बोले तो क्या होगा
    ख़ामोशी से डरने वालो
    'हम' बोले तो क्या होगा..?? [​IMG]

    17:46 - 2 Nov 2017
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    Citing the above tweet, Mishra wrote a long letter to Vishwas asking him to break silence:

    [​IMG]Kapil Mishra


    Open questions to @DrKumarVishwas ... #DeMonetisation#surgicalstrike #hawala #corruption #satyendarjain#CorruptKejriwal

    15:55 - 3 Nov 2017
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    Reminding Vishwas that duty towards India trumps everything else, Mishra reminded him that he (Vishwas) had asked him (Mishra) to delete a tweet praising PM Modi’s demonetisation move last year. Mishra asked that why did a party, which was formed on the plank of fighting corruption, did not give a single statement for three days on demonetisation? Which ‘outsider’ did Kejriwal consult before deciding to oppose the move? Who funded the rallies the party had conducted to protest demonetisation?

    Elaborating further, Mishra says that during the demonetisation, ED had conducted raid in GK in Delhi, where stacks of cash was found. Mishra had earlier alleged that lawyer Rohit Tandon, whose firm was raided in December last year, had helped Kejriwal with hawala transactions.

    Mishra suggests that Vishwas knows all about the details of ED raid in GK, cash found, and details about the director whose company was raided. He alleges that right after filing nomination in Varanasi during 2014 General Elections, Rs. 2 crore were given to Kejriwal through hawala; yet Vishwas is still maintaining silence. He questioned Vishwas why is he quiet on the elections, funding and money coming through countries like UAE.

    He further questions Arvind Kejriwal’s opposition to surgical strikes. Kejriwal had demanded a video proof of surgical strike carried out by Indian Army in Uri in September last year. Following the doubts Kejriwal raised against Indian Army, he was hailed as a hero by Pakistan. Mishra questions who was ‘consulted’ before taking the opposing stand on both, demonetisation and surgical strikes?

    The letter by Mishra also wonders how does AAP get funding to send leaders to foreign countries and their long and elaborate stays. He alleges that during Punjab and Goa elections, the funding came from separatists and Kejriwal even allegedly stayedat a Khalistani militant’s place during his Punjab campaigning.

    Mishra also questions Vishwas on why is he silent on allegedly fake companies set up by Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain. Jain has been accused of money laundering and shell companies.

    Mishra says that during all elections, many AAP volunteers bring to Vishwas’ notice the rampant malpractices, but Vishwas still maintains radio silence on these allegations. He says he is trying to awaken Vishwas’ conscience and his sense of duty otherwise history will see him as a weak person. He says that ever since he has taken up the fight, he and his family is facing all sort of abuses and threats, but he is hopeful that at truth will prevail.

    He urges Vishwas to take the first step of courage and speak up.

    Will Vishwas speak up, and are we going to see another round of infighting in AAP?

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    Sooner or later, I think Kumar Vishwas is bound to break off from Kejriwal faction, and maybe even join BJP.
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