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Kuwaiti refuses to return 57,000 dinars wrongly deposited in his account

Discussion in 'Greater Asia & Middle East' started by Anees, Jul 16, 2014.

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  1. Anees

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    Manama: A young Kuwaiti man has sparked an online controversy after he vowed not to return 57,000 dinars (Dh742,423) that a bank error in his favour netted him.

    Nafel Azimi said on microblog Twitter that a bank deposited the money in his bank account instead of 57 dinars and that he would use the money to travel to Morocco for a summer break.

    He added that he had already consulted a lawyer to work the matter out and look into returning the money to the bank in instalments over a long period of time, local daily Al Seyassah reported on Tuesday.

    “It is a gift from God and I will use it,” he said.

    His decision prompted a heated online debate, with supporters encouraging him to use the money, even if he considers it a loan to be returned on easy terms. However, those who opposed his stance insisted that he was doing something that Islam did not condone and that he was putting the career of the bank clerk who made the mistake at risk.

    “You have to make the right decision and return the money that does not belong to you,” one blogger posted. “You must not in any way cause the bank clerk to be sacked or sent to prison because of a genuine mistake.”

    According to sources, the young man had deposited a cheque for 57 dinars in his account, but the bank clerk added three zeros, turning the amount into 57,000 dinars.

    The account owner reportedly saw the mistake, waited for some time and then went to another branch of the bank and withdrew the full amount.

    He posted a picture of the money on his Twitter account and commented: “I want to use the money to go to Morocco. Look at how beautiful they are,” referring to the notes.

    Kuwaiti refuses to return 57,000 dinars wrongly deposited in his account | GulfNews.com
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