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Lockheed Martin signs pact with Tata Advanced Systems to build F-16 fighter jet in India

Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by defc0n, Jun 20, 2017.

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    Mumbai: In a bid to win billions of dollars worth of order from the Indian military, Lockheed Martin signed an agreement with Tata Advanced Systems on Monday to produce F-16 fighter planes in India.

    Considering Indian Air Force's ageing Soviet aircrafts, there is an urgent need to replace them. However, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's attempts at cutting exorbitant import duties, foreign suppliers will have to build planes in India with a local partner to help construct a domestic industrial base.

    This is in direct conflict with US President Donald Trump's 'America First' campaign under which he has been pressing for companies to invest in the United States and create jobs instead of setting up factories abroad.

    Lockheed and Tata both clarified that moving the production base to India would still retain jobs in the United States and create new manufacturing jobs in India.

    The announcement comes ahead of PM Modi's scheduled trip to meet Donald Trump in Washington on June 26.

    Read: Push sales of F-16 fighter jets to India, say US Senators

    The United States has emerged as among the top three arms suppliers to India, along with Russia and Israel in recent years.

    India will also have the option to export the locally produced F-16, that is flown by air forces around the world, the joint statement said.

    Around 3,200 of these planes are being flown by 26 countries and the model that is being offered to India will be Block 70, the most modern of all the F-16s.

    The current demand for the Indian Air Force stands at 100 to 250 fighter planes, but India has not yet opened the formal bid for the jet order.

    The other contender is Sweden's Saab offering to make its Gripen fighter in India. It has not yet announced a local partner for the plane which it has pitched as an alternative to the F-16s.

    Tata is already constructing airframe components for the C-130 military transport aircraft.

    Source : http://www.timesnow.tv/business-eco...ced-systems-build-f16-fighter-jet-india/63648
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