Mauritius could hand over 2 islands to India

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    India and Mauritius have resumed discussions over a proposal to hand over the twin islands of Agalega in the Indian Ocean to India either on long-lease or by perpetual ceding of control. The Mauritius-held islands with a total area of 24 sq km or 2,400 hectares (the official figure is much higher at 70 sq km) is seen as ideal for development as a tourist destination by India, which is closer to it than the African country which is 1,100 km south of it.

    According to sources privy to the talks, the idea is to let Indian corporates develop hotels and resorts and upgrade the existing airstrip into an airport. The land could also be used for agriculture and other strategic purposes by India.

    The two countries had briefly discussed the matter about five years ago, but the talks fell apart due to lack of full political support in Mauritius.

    If India gets rights over the Agalega islands, it will mark a move towards the country having a footprint on another Indian Ocean island. Currently, New Delhi governs Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the Pamban island on the eastern Indian Ocean and Lakshadweep in the western part. Australia, France, Malaysia and Indonesia are other countries controlling islands in the Ocean. The US owns Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, which is used as a large military base.

    Agalega has two islands —North and South Agalega—which are over 1,100 km from Mauritius. According to sources, if the islands are handed over to it, India might develop one of them to start with.

    Private participation is needed to develop the island as the cost of developing it into a premium tourist destination would set back the Mauritius government by a substantial amount.

    Official statistics say the two islands have a combined land area of around 70 sq km, but the actual area is much less.

    Sources added that given the nature of Mauritian politics, it could still be an uphill task before a formal handover. The island nation's politics is built around balancing the interests of various ethnic communities such as the Francophone Creoles and the Indo-Mauritians. Creoles have a serious objection to the deal. At present, people travel to the islands at their own risk, for which an undertaking is insisted upon.

    Agalega is a two-island dependency of Mauritius in the western Indian Ocean. Copra and coconut oil are produced and exported, and some poultry and cattle are raised and vegetables grown for subsistence. The principal villages are Vingt Cinq on North and Sainte Rita on South. There are few roads motor vehicles.

    Mauritius could hand over 2 islands to India
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  2. Arjun MBT


    Well, Is it for Military Use, I mean Military base??? well Its too small to have a Military base there Isnt it?? or is It for Any other strategic Use as mentioned Here
  3. Patrician

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  4. RoYaN


    Commercial purposes is only a screen to appease the Mauritian people......
    The military purpose is the real deal an active airbase on the north Island and a command center on the south base is very plausible.......
  5. Karthic Sri

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    I think Listening posts or other EW installations are more plausible. though you cant discount the possibility of a Mil Base.

    I hope what will be America's reaction to it..given that Diego Garcia is nearby only. :wink:
  6. chachachoudhary

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    We have a listening post in Madagascar already plus an atoll in Mauritius on lease. This island will be an important naval port in future.
  7. Desi Jatt

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    the size might be small..but I think this can very well be devekloped into a military base....or atleast a listening post....although, from the reports its highly doubtful for any military base development..cause even if it used for very little commercial purpose,nothing will be left in it to use it for military installations.
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    Military Installations can be built underground with a compound marked for it. This would not encroach much space and would also allow for commercial developments. Military presence is needed as to protect our genuine business interests and also to act as a power projector.
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    Don't get too excited,This is from Wikipedia

    "In an interview granted to the Times of India, the Mauritian Deputy Premier, Xavier-Luc Duval, an ethnic Creole himself, denied that there was any move by the Mauritian government to cede or lease the islands to India."

    Agalega Islands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. Manmohan Yadav

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    They would welcome it,
    another force multiplier to counter the Chinese !!
  11. vikas jat

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    what is listening post
  12. Manmohan Yadav

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    It is a signals Intelligence Center.

    Radio Waves are monitored from the entire region to collect Intelligence
    and monitor the developments in the region both Civilian and Military
    in order to get a Tactical or Strategic edge in case of an Adventures or Mis-Adventures.
  13. Vidyanshu Shekhar Jha

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    When is it going to be handed iver??????
  14. SajeevJino

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    China had plan to build base in SHESELS India get Mouritous For our Military Base....Nice to Hear
  15. Marqueur

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    Country Flag:
    i guess its counter measure taken because of china ...

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