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Minority minister raises voice against increase in kidnappings of Hindus

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by lucifer, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. lucifer

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    Aug 25, 2011
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    QUETTA: Provincial Minister for Minority Jay Parkash Lal has expressed his strong resentment over rampant increase in kidnapping of Hindus in Balochistan.

    He said this during the Balochistan Assembly proceeding on Tuesday. He took the floor on a point of order and said a Hindu trader had been kidnapped from Quetta whose whereabouts are not known.

    “Jawar Lal a trader of Wadh area in Khuzdar was kidnapped about 15 months ago and still had not been recovered,â€￾ he informed the House.

    Parkash Lal said that minorities have been subjected to kidnapping for ransom for the past several years but no one is paying heed to this serious issue.

    “We still remember the hospitalities of Sardar and Nawabs that how they welcomed us and they treated us,â€￾ he recalled. “But now the Hindus are most vulnerable to kidnapping for ransom. The law makers usually raise their voice for the Hindu community but we do not know why such incidents are not being controlled.â€￾

    Parkash Lal said Kalat and Nasirabad Division had become black spots where incidents of kidnapping for ransom are increasing with each passing days.

    He said it was the responsibility of the civil administration and law enforcing agencies to break up the chain of kidnappers and criminals by bringing them to justice. “I appeal that please show sincerity while addressing the plight of Hindu people.â€￾

    However, while the Minister for Minority was sharing the plight of the Hindu community, merely 11 out of 65 lawmakers were in attendance which is not requisite to run the business of the House on moral ground.
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