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Modi's interference in Amul is slowly killing the enterprise that empowered farmers

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by Kejriwal4PM, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. Kejriwal4PM

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    Nov 14, 2012
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    Till 2004, Amul, considered the country's most prestigious brand, never seemed vulnerable; and GCMMF was invincible. It all started at a farmers' meeting in Anand where Kurien and Modi entered into an argument.

    At the newly formed Anand Agriculture University, Kurien criticised the government of Gujarat's decision to divide Gujarat Agriculture University into four separate universities. Quoting a Japanese economist who had come visiting, Kurien said that India was not progressing because of rampant corruption in government.

    Modi who was trying improve his image post the infamous riots of 2002 as a development-oriented and clean leader didn't take it easy. He retorted that Gujarat does not need any certificate from a foreigner and that India needs to do away with "slave mentality" imposed by the British.

    It was the beginning of state government's interference in GCMMF.

    Ostensibly to corner Kurien, a BJP-backed GCMMF director challenged the very validity of his 33-year-old position before the High Court. Kurien was the only outsider among GCMMF board members - under a special provision built into GCMMF's constitution, he was a board member as an expert member while all the rest represented their respective district union.

    Kurien who was also struggling to save his position in Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) did not get any respite from state government's Charity Commissioner Court. As friends turned into foes, Kurien resigned in March 2006 from GCMMF and the board accepted it readily.

    With Kurien's exit, GCMMF board is now choc-a-bloc with politicians. The Amul network has 31 lakh farmers as members spread across 15,000-plus profit-making village societies. That translates to a ready network that holds sway over 1 crore voters - Gujarat has 3.5 crore voters.

    Gujarat Elections 2012: Narendra Modi wastes no time in tapping over 1/3 of Gujarat's 3.5 crore Amul voters - Economic Times
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