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Narendra Modi in Mumbai today, to unveil 2014 agenda

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by Marqueur, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Mumbai, June 27: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who was recently elevated as the chief of BJP's poll campaign committee for the big fight in 2014, is set to visit the financial capital on Thursday. He is scheduled to unveil the agenda for 2014 and is likely to meet party leaders from Maharashtra.

    Modi will also address the industry honchos at a CII meat and release a book besides working on improving ties with the Shiv Sena, one of the remaining few allies in the shrinking NDA. After the JD(U)'s pull-out earlier this month, it has become a challenging task for the BJP to keep the alliance intact and the recent flip-flop by the Sena over Modi has given rise to fresh apprehension.

    The Sena leadership criticised Modi earlier this week, accusing him of acting in a divisive manner by rescuing only Gujaratis from the flood-hit Uttarakhand. Later, however, the Sena took a U-turn and said it never criticised the Gujarat chief minister.

    Meanwhile, there were talks that the BJP is trying for an image make-over by wooing the minorities. A political debate was developing over the party's vision document on the empowerment of minorities, waiting to be released soon.

    Narendra Modi in Mumbai today, to unveil 2014 agenda - Oneindia News
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