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Nato routes: West missions in Pakistan get 'poison' mails

Discussion in 'South Asia & SAARC' started by Anees, May 17, 2012.

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    Nato routes: West missions in Pakistan get 'poison' mails

    Islamabad: Several Western embassies here on Wednesday received letters containing suspicious powder and threats to poison Nato soldiers in Afghanistan, Pakistan officials said.

    Islamabad police chief Bani Amin said that embassies had received small packets containing black powder, which had been sent for laboratory analysis.

    The letters said "poison" would be hidden in the Nato supplies should Pakistan decide to lift a nearly six-month blockade on supplies for American and Nato troops fighting the Taliban in neighbouring Afghanistan.

    Senior Pakistani security officials said that the French embassy, and the Australian and British High Commissions had received suspicious packages.

    "Embassies have received one sachet each. The problem is that it is in a meagre quantity and difficult even to test. It seems somebody has committed some mischief. We are sending it to a laboratory," Amin said.

    Nato routes: West missions in Pakistan get 'poison' mails - The Times of India

    West embassies get threat parcels in Pak

    Police in the Pakistani capital Wednesday said several Western embassies had received parcels containing a mysterious poisonous powder and a warning against the reopening of NATO supply routes to Afghanistan that were closed nearly six months ago.

    “Parcels containing about 0.5 grams of poisonous materials were received by the missions of Britain, Australia and France,†Islamabad Police chief Bin Yamin Khan said. The parcels were sent from Hyderabad in southern Sindh province on May 14, he said. “Police are investigating the matter,†he said. A police officer said the parcels contained a warning against the reopening of supply lines for NATO forces in Afghanistan, which were closed in November after a cross-border air strike killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

    “There was a three-line note that NATO supplies must not be restored,†the police officer said. The parcels contained a “minute quantity†of a black powder.

    The British High Commission’s spokesman confirmed the mission had received a parcel containing a mysterious powder. He said the powder was not explosive.

    Meanwhile, US and Pakistani officials said Wednesday that a deal appeared imminent to reopen the Afghan supply lines through Pakistan, after NATO extended an invitation for Pakistan to attend the summit meeting in Chicago this weekend.

    The Pakistani cabinet’s defence committee late Tuesday authorised negotiators to strike a deal. On Wednesday, Pakistani Prime Minsiter Yousuf Raza Gilani said the country’s relations with the US were passing through a “delicate phase†and Islamabad needed to make “critical decisions†linked to national interests.

    West embassies get threat parcels in Pak - Indian Express
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