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Nepal Army to receive first consignment of military assistance from India

Discussion in 'International Relations' started by layman, Oct 24, 2013.

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    The Indian government is all set to send the first consignment of the military supplies to Nepal as agreed between both the countries during the 10th Indo-Nepal Bilateral Consultative Group meeting on Security issues held on April 8 -10 in Bangalore.

    In a statement on Wednesday, the Directorate of Public Relations of Nepal Army said that it would receive the first consignment of the military assistance shortly.

    The NA has said that it is receiving arms and ammunition for the first time after 2005. The Indian government stopped military assistance to Nepal after then King Gyanendra took executive power in 2005.

    The NA has said that it is receiving 216 light vehicles, 154 heavy trucks, 25 Mine Protected Vehicles, four ambulances and some lethal weapons.

    “This sort of military assistance would not only be helpful for regular use of the Nepal Army, but would be equally helpful for the modernization and operational capacity building of the Army. The NA believes that the resumption of military assistance would help bolster the bilateral relationship between the two armies,â€￾ reads the statement.

    The national army was not allowed to procure lethal weapons after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement on November 21, 2006. The major parties had then agreed to stop procurement of arms and ammunition for the national army until the Maoist combatants were integrated into the national army.

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