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New High Speed, High Impact, Sliding Armoured Vehicle Gate from Avon

Discussion in 'Indian Army' started by layman, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. layman

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    May 1, 2012
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    Avon Barrier Company has launched a new high impact sliding armoured vehicle gate, the SG1100CR, which successfully combines the ability to protect wider than standards widths, up to seven metres clear opening, with fast operational speeds, using an optional fast acting motor to provide speeds of two seconds per metre.

    The gate offers a viable means of preventing unauthorized vehicle access, including terrorist attack and can withstand direct impact forces, such as extreme Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack. It has been fully tested to PAS 68 by MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) in order to provide a proven level of performance.

    The SG1100CR gate can be configured to suit each specific application and is available in a range of gate heights, clear widths and aesthetic options include sacrificial panelling and toppings plus a wide range of finishes and colours. It is a very robust heavily engineered product for access routes and roadways, but can be installed without the need for extensive civil engineering works, due to its shallow footings requirement.

    The gate is fitted with a hold-to-run button as a standard safety feature, but can also be specified with additional safety and control options and/or interfaced with wider security systems as required. The standards speed of operation is 5.7 seconds per metre with the optional high speed motor cutting this time to 2 seconds per metre.

    The full range of Avon Barrier Company’s crash-tested counter-terror/anti-terrorist and security products include rising arm barriers, road blockers, sliding armoured gates and bollards.

    Commenting on the new SG1100CR sliding armoured gate Paul Jeffrey, Managing Director of Avon Barrier Company, said; "Our new gate provides very high levels of proven performance and is especially useful for applications where wider than standard widths need protection as it is one of the widest gates available. The fast operating option adds a further level of inherent security, closing the opening very quickly once authorised vehicles have gained access or egress.â€￾
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