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Norway Pulls Out of Archer Artillery Program

Discussion in 'The Americas' started by layman, Dec 9, 2013.

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    Norway Terminates Contract for Archer Artillery System
    (Source: Norwegian Ministry of Defence; issued Dec. 6, 2013)

    The government has concluded that Archer artillery system will not meet the needs of Defence within the time that remains available, and this is why we will pull out of the contract, says Defence Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide.

    “The Norwegian-Swedish cooperation is extensive, and has in several areas proven to provide good solutions for both countries. I therefore wish to continue other aspects of cooperation,â€￾ says Søreide, who also emphasized the positive experience with the purchase of new and upgraded combat vehicles for the Army from Swedish industry.

    The military has a need to renew their artillery because the army has changed its concept of operations to be more mobile and to operate faster. There has also been an objective to acquire equipment through multinational cooperation.

    Norway and Sweden therefore entered into a contract in 2007 with the goal of achieving greater operational effectiveness through joint production, which also would provide economic and industrial benefits.

    The partnership also covers artillery locating radar (ARTHUR), the fire control system (ODIN), ammunition, education and training.

    Background: The procurement of new artillery in cooperation with Sweden.

    -- According to the agreement, all 24 guns were to be delivered by the end of 2013 and in operation by the end of 2014. Status in December 2013: no gun had been delivered to Norway.
    -- Norway and Sweden will still cooperate on artillery locating radar, fire control systems, ammunition, education and training.
    -- NAMMO and BAE Systems Bofors will continue to collaborate on ammunition development and production.
    -- There are several examples of Norway buying military equipment from Sweden: a good example is the acquisition of new and upgraded CV 90 tracked armored vehicles from BAE Systems Hagglunds at a cost of nearly NOK 6 billion.
    -- Today Norwegian artillery can remain in operational service until 2020. Which artillery we will have in the future will be decided after a thorough review of options.
    -- Operational requirements govern what material we buy or cooperate on. If we see that military needs cannot be met within the time available, it is prudent management to stop.
    -- Defence will now enter into a dialogue with its Swedish partner for the further process.
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