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Number Of Martyred troops cant be disclosed - Senate told

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by nair, Jun 7, 2017.


    PARIKRAMA Captain IDF NewBie

    Mar 24, 2016
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    Bro you forgot.. PA does war with IA with a cheat code to activate God Mode. That's why they fly, they walk on water, they don't die, their ammo never exhausts, they walk through walls, bunkers, anything and everything.......
  2. nair

    nair Guest

    The prob with this cheat code is.... It only works on Pakistani population and PA fan base ... For rest they are a normal army which has its own strength and weakness.....(You know what is the name of that cheat code in agrezi "Battle hardened" ...)
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  3. Butter Chicken

    Butter Chicken Captain FULL MEMBER

    Oct 31, 2016
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    lest you forget

    Delhi hospital confirms ISI agent’s death, details vanish from Pak site
    Teena Thacker
    Posted: Wed Dec 15 2010, 04:15 hrs

    A day after The Indian Express reported on the entry on the Pakistan Army website about the “martyrdom” in Delhi of an ISI agent on a “Suicide Attack” operation, top sources in the capital’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital confirmed that the death did indeed occur.

    The ISI operative, Naik Zulfiqar Ahmed of the HQ 30 Corps, was referred to the hospital by the Pakistan High Commission, which also paid his medical bills, the sources said.

    He was admitted in the hospital’s nephrology department on November 1, 2007, and died “after fifteen days, most probably from kidney-related problems”, a source said. No foul play was suspected, he added.

    According to information put up on the Pakistan Army website’s Shuhada’s (Martyrs’) Corner, Ahmed, from Bhimber in PoK, died on November 16, 2007 at “Ganga Ram Hosp N/Delhi”. The “Cause of Shahadat” was “Neptrrotic Syndrome/ARI” (a reference to nephrotic syndrome and acute respiratory infection).

    Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is empanelled with the Pakistan High Commission, and “Zulfiqar came as one of the beneficiaries,” said a hospital source. It is not clear who claimed the body, or whether last rites were performed in India.

    When contacted by The Indian Express, Shah Zaman Khan, Minister (Press) at the Pakistan High Commission, said they were ascertaining all facts. “I am to get information on the issue,” Khan said.


    Pak Army site goes offline, comes back without ISI man’s details

    Manu Pubby
    Posted: Wed Dec 15 2010, 04:12 hrs

    The official website of the Pakistan Army(http://www.pakistanarmy.gov.pk) remained offline for most of Tuesday, with a one-line announcement blaming “technical reasons” across the blank white screen. When it came back online in the evening, the site was slow, and the record of Zulfiqar Ahmed was missing from the database of ‘martyrs’. Also missing from the database at the Shuhada’s Corner were the names and ‘martyrdom’ details of all soldiers whose unit had been earlier listed as ‘ISI’. While researching the story on Ahmed on Monday evening, The Indian Express had found 25 ISI men in the database of dead soldiers. Till late Tuesday evening, there had been no official reaction from Pakistan.

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