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Pak analyst confirms India's surgical strikes, says Pakistan itself to blame

Discussion in 'South Asia & SAARC' started by Manmohan Yadav, Oct 20, 2016.

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    Noted Pakistani political analyst Munir Saami has confirmed that India carried out surgical strikes in PoK. In an interview to a Canadian news channel, Saami said that denial by Islamabad is meaningless in this context.

    Saami said, "If they (Pakistani establishment) admit to the surgical strikes carried out by India, it would be difficult for them to explain the situation to the people of Pakistan."

    "How will they tell the people that Indian army crossed the LoC? It's like a bone stuck in their throat. They want to take it out, but it's difficult for them to do so and that's why they are saying that the surgical strikes did not take place," Saami told the news channel.

    He further said, "Whatever happened at the LoC was unprecedented. India had never carried out an incursion into Pakistani areas. If India starts doing it regularly, it would exhaust Pakistan."


    Saami sounded a note caution for the government of Pakistan. He said that Pakistan had already lost four wars with India. "If there is another war, Pakistan will be responsible for this. The two nations should desist from war as it would be detrimental to both," he said in his interview.

    The noted analyst rejected the suggestion that Pakistan was a big nation. "I don't agree with the suggestion that Pakistan is a big country. It's not. It's a small nation in all aspects."

    "This small nation is playing a gamble in Kashmir. It played four such gambles in the form of wars and lost in every war," Saami said before adding, "We lost in 1948, 1965, 1971 and also had to pull back in Kargil."

    Pakistan does not play gamble with its own money, rather it borrows money for this, Saami lamented.


    According to Saami, Pakistan was in a habit of losing opportunity to normalise relationship with India.

    "India has initiated peace process several times, be it during Vajpayee's regime or recently when Modi-Nawaz held talks. But, every single Pakistan puts the obstacle of Kashmir. Look at the sequence of events, it is Pakistan, which raised the issue time and again," Saami said.


    In his interview, Saaimi said that it was not business as usual with India now. Unlike earlier regimes, India looks aggressive under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said.

    "Modi has tremendous support of his people. Earlier, India talked about peace only. (Pakistan supported terror outfits) would enter and bomb places in India. Now, they are saying we not soft anymore," he said.

    According to Saami, India's patience has waned out on the account of continued terror attacks launched from across the border. He said, "What happened (the surgical strikes) this time was due to the fact that India suffered in Mumbai, Pathankot and Uri."

    "We started this story (of cross-border terrorism) and now we want the world to support us. Unfortunately, the world is not supporting Pakistan," Saami candidly said.

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