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Pakistan International Airlines(PIA) lands Midway, Asked Passengers to go by Bus to Their Destinatio

Discussion in 'Sports & Entertainment' started by omya, Nov 5, 2017.

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    Royal Pakistan International Airlines(PIA) lands Midway, Asked Passengers to go by Bus to Their Destination


    We must have seen such news coming from a strange country like Pakistan many times. So While reading this news, Control your laughter. A flight of Pakistan National Career on Saturday landed midway on Lahore Airport. Airline Authorities refused to go further and asked Passengers in flight to take the bus to their destination. A Media News portal “Geo News” Reported the Incident.

    Pakistan International Airlines(PIA) Flight was Scheduled from Abu Dhabi in UAE to Rahim Yar Khan Airport in Pakistan, But It landed midway at Lahore Airport, Reason specified was Low Visibility, Via Geo News. Airlines Staff asked Onboard Passengers to travel by bus. Staff offered to take passengers to their desired destination but by bus.


    Onboard passengers turned down the Airline’s offer and even refused to leave the plane. After this Airline staff switched off the Airplane’s Air Conditioning system and forced passengers to leave the plane, Which resulted in suffocation of passengers. Distance from Lahore Airport to Rahim Yar Airport is approximately 650 Kilometres.

    Passengers further asked the Airlines to drop them at some nearest Airport instead of Lahore Airport, They asked them to drop passengers at Multan Airport Which is 300 kilometers from Rahim Yar Khan Airport.

    It is not the first the when they are making news for such Bizzare. These things are going on in Pakistan on regular basis.


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