Pakistani embassy website hacked by Indian Cyber Army

Discussion in 'Members Room' started by ManuSankar, Feb 16, 2012.

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    applauding this juvenile act?

    Well done once again... this can't be the Indian cyber army...
    more like some defacing noobs.

    hope this wont end up with what happened a few months ago...
    similar thing happened and Pakistani hackers defaced and uprooted Indian sites.

    Que Internet warrior showdown... :hitwall:


    juvenile jingoistic non sensical patriotism at work
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  5. tariqkhan18

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    Country Flag:
    Its pretty dumb. There is no achievement in hacking governmental sites that contain no confidential data, it just opens the door for the other party to attack other Indian sites. These sites are for informational purposes only. The cycle goes on, no need to give attention to these two groups.
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  6. SajeevJino

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    oh superb....well done is the Pakistani embassy website...

    Hell Yeah..!!
    This is Called
    h4xInG !! Royal
    h4xIng !!
    ARMY ]-
    Every Fuckin Thing has been 0wn3d !!
    What do you Guyz want more huh? :|
    Some Servers Has been H4x3d twice or
    thrice !!
    We arent afraid of any shit that comes
    to us !! We'll Do anything to Keep our
    Country's Pride Up and High !!
    We Forgive ..
    We Forget ..
    Dont Expect Anything from us .. !!
    A Small Tribute to those Brave Soldiers
    who Laid their Precious Life for our
    Country and our People !!
    I Really Pity u guys .. U dOnt have
    People like Jaywant Patil, Prakash More,
    Vijay Salaskar, Ashok Kamte, Hemant
    Karkare and many mOre !!
    So According to u .. Patriotism = War =
    Jihaad = Shit
    One Person gives u bayaan on Jihaad
    and encourages you to kill people and
    says "ye sawaab ka kaam hai", "rizzak
    ka kaam hai" and you do sins even
    without thinking the consequences !!
    May Allah Forgive People who do such
    sins without knowing the actual haraam
    thing they doing !! :|
    We are Proud of People we have in
    India who are ready to deal with any
    such incidents !! Officers, Soldiers who
    are ready to die for their Motherland .. I
    wonder you have atleast one such? eh?
    ahh..You guyz are fuckin buzy training
    people to be terrorists !! diverting their
    mindset !!
    You Lamerz might have seen new
    members from Team Indishell Defacing
    ya Shit !! .. This is Called Dedication ..
    Passion .. Love for Country !!
    Unlike You lamerz who Send terrorists
    to India and Kill Innocent People !!
    To Admin ..!! :p
    When We Are On Your Server is Gone ;)
    This Thing Happens when u hire
    professionals with good marks and not
    with good brains !!
    We Dont Sparkle Like
    Some KinG !! We
    Fuckinn SHINE !!
    With ******** FrOm :- -LuCkY , Ro0t_d3vil
    Greets:- Team ICA , Team Indishell and
    All Indian Hackers ;)
    Shouts:- -[SiLeNtp0is0n]- , Inx_ro0t ,
    c0olt04d , Ne0h4ck3r , Atul Dwivedi and
    Rest of da Team ;)
    If u Have Any Issues Kindly Contact our
    Ass Kicking Department at &&
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    nt a very good effort
  8. Star Wars


    Other then "f**k pakistan" i did not see anything to offensive...
    There where other websites they could have hacked
  9. d14gtc

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    Heck >>>>>>>>> n i was in a clue that we dont ve any such cyber army :smoking1:
  10. SajeevJino

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    I don't know .bou some gyus working on this.....also a website shown every day news about hacking................

    Indian Cyber Army ~ Security is from You !
  11. Blackwater

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    if it's done my pak cyber army, u will be jumping above ur rooof
  12. Steel


  13. tilopa

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    Yeah infact this is not even hacking...defacing can be done by any n00b who spend time on hacking forums...
    these are simple techniques like sql injection,rfi etc....even i have done this with my school site once

    Real hacking is when you access military servers and expose confide documents or spread viruses like stuxnet

    Wait for another n00b from beyond the border to do something like this..:scare:
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  14. Shreeram

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    Real Hackers:

    Charlie Miller (security researcher) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    His talent:

    Charlie Miller Finds Way to Hack MacBook Battery | News | The Mac Observer

    Proper Secure Websites:

    Ã￾ŸÃ‘€Ã￾µÃ￾·Ã￾¸Ã￾´Ã￾µÃ￾½Ñ‚ Ã￾**Ã￾¾ÑÂ￾ÑÂ￾Ã￾¸Ã￾¸ - this may look wierd but click on it u'll know what I am talking of!
    Welcome to the National Security Agency - NSA/CSS
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  15. Manmohan Yadav

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    hacking a government website.

    What kind of an idiot wastes time on something like that.

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