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Pakistani spy Deena Khan, two others arrested

Discussion in 'Internal Affairs' started by Levina, Jun 12, 2017.

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    Pakistani spy Deena Khan, two others arrested

    Pak spy Deena Khan, who was caught on Thursday night in Barmer, was arrested under Official Secrets Act on Friday. Police has also caught two of his assistants, who are being quizzed.

    Khan not only helped Pak smugglers, but also sent information to Pakistan via Facebook.

    IG, Intelligence, Gurucharan Rai said that on Thursday night, a special branch of Rajasthan policecaught an ISI agent in Barmer for helping two Pak spies and for sending confidential information across the border.

    Two spies, Santram and Vinod Maheshwari, were arrested three months ago for spying. Based on investigation with them, police on Thursday night arrested Dina Khan, a resident of Talsar village in Barmer.

    Reportedly, Khan was paid handsomely by ISI for sending confidential information. It is said that Khan was looking after the Mazar and the money offered at Mazar in Talsar village, which was provided to spies involved in anti-national activities.

    During investigation, it was found that Khan kept some share of the offerings offered at the Mazar. Few people associated with the Mazar stayed abroad and worked as handlers of foreign spies. On the directions of foreign agency, Khan used to give money to spies involved in anti-national activities.

    The IG said that two of Khan's associates have also been detained and interrogation with them is on.

    "Three months ago, police had arrested Santram and Vinod for sending confidential information of Indian Army, war exercise and other important information to Pak via Facebook, under sections 3,3/9 of Secret Information Act, 1923. During interrogation, the spies revealed that Khan used to provide them funds from time to time. Police, thus, started keeping a watch over Khan and the information was confirmed. On getting sufficient evidence that Khan was getting money from foreign agent, he was caught on Thursday. On Friday, on the charges of providing money to Santram and Vinod, Khan was arrested under Official Secrets Act and Section 120B of IPC," official police sources said.

    Meanwhile, two weeks ago Pak spy Haji Khan was detained. Since last two weeks, he is admitted in the hospital for some medical issue. He will be sent to Jaipur soon for interrogation.


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