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Prashant Bhushan's eve -teaser remark on lord Krishna an analysis.

Discussion in 'South Asia & SAARC' started by HariPrasad, Apr 3, 2017.

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    Dec 3, 2016
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    Reacting to the anti romeo squad of UP chief minister yogi Aditya Nath, Prashant bhushan tweeted that Krishna was the biggest eve teaser. Will yogi Aditya Nath keep the squard's name anti Krishna squad? Since the name of Krishna was involved, Many Hindus reacted angrily. In Hinduism, there is a right to question each and every act and there is a freedom to question even god. So I do not react to prashant bushman like others do but I want to analyze the truth in the tweets of Prashant Bhushan.

    We have many stories of Krishna and his teasing of gopis. Now what was that teasing? All these teasing were mischief of a child less than 5 to 6 years old in village Gokul. Krihsna was a mischievous child used to many sort of mischief as a child and most of them were related to stealing of butter from the house of Gopis. There are many stories that gopis will go to the mother of Krishna to complaints and Jashoda will call krishna and ask whether what gopis say is truth or not? Jashoda will try to favor krishna saying that why will he steal butter when he has a lots of butter in his own house. Krishna will often tell lies and ultimately would caught red handed and Jashoda maiya will tie him with a roof to a tree to stop him to steal butters of gopis further. Krishan will escape from there and steal butter agin and again. He will steal butter in his own home and was caught red handed by none other than his mother and still he tried lots of excuses. When he could not convince his mother about his innocence and got punishment, he emotionally blackmailed his mother saying that she is punishing him because he is not her biological son. These sort of stories are there of mischief of a child who happened to very naughty and all gopis and Gwalas likes his mischief . If krishna will not to steal the butter in Gopi's house, they would not like that. They would like krishan to steal butter in their house so that they can catch him and twist his ear and can take him to his mother to complaint him.

    Gopis used to enter lake by putting their cloths on the bank of lake. Child krishna did not like that and one day steal their cloths. Gopis requested him to return her cloths which krishna returned them only after they promised that they will not go to lake to bath putting their cloths on the Bank.

    Gopis will go to sell their butter to Mathura where King kans' officers will recover duty on the sale of butter which krishna did not like. He will break the pots of gopis with stone along with his friend.

    Many monsters (Asurs) will come and kill the cows. Krishna with his elder brother fought against these asuras and destroyed them.

    These are the stories of Krishan as a child. When krishan became 8 years old, Akrur Ji came and took krishna to Mathura and subsequently he never returned back to Gokul in his whole life.

    These are the stories of Krishna. Now a 5 year old child doing mischief with his mother and laddies of his mother and grand mother's age to whom he used to consider his mothers is named as the eve-teaser by our so called intellectual Prashant Bhushan.

    Now the mischief of a naughty child of 5 to 6 years is named as a eve teasing by Prashant Bhushan. This is not a surprise. These pseudo secular are doing this for years. May be since 1947 or eve before that.

    Ex UP police commissioner was there on the discussion and he told that when the girls were molested in large numbers in UP, he himself ran an operation named Operation majnoo and he quoted many such operations with different names in past under various governments. But now when Yogi Adityanath's government has initiated much awaited action against these anti social people, some secular souls has sound a mutiny against the BJP government's action and he has gone to the extent of comparing Romeos with Krishan and depicting romeo as better and a five year old child krishna as eve- teaser.

    Here, we need to ask Prashant Bhushan that in his childhood he too would have done such mischiefs . We need Ask him whether it was eve-teasing? Is the mischief of a child can be compared to the molestation of women by goons in the society? Ofcourse not but when these sort of Pseudo secular wants to project them as he crusaders against religion, they invariably target Hindu sentiments because their zeal to stand against the religion and religious belief can only safely be demonstrated against Hindus. They can not question Mohammad marrying 6 year old Aisha because any such demonstration against real eve-teasing will attract a Wajib ul qutla Fatwa which can be fatal for Secular Gang. . They can do this safely because Hindu priest do not issue Fatwa of Wajib ul qutla against them so they can easily and safely be crusader against religion in case of Hindus.

    We have tolerated these people for a long long time so let us tolerate them once again.


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