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Putin gives green light to sale of S-400 missile system to China

Discussion in 'China & Asia Pacific' started by santosh, Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. santosh

    santosh Major SENIOR MEMBER

    Mar 25, 2014
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    We have an All Out War on Our Head

    things aren't that easy, its too complex/complicate, and too hard to ignore for China/Russia or any other developing country like India too.....

    US/UK have serious involvements in china and other developing countries, which they simply can’t ignore. An ‘all out’ war is on our head at present, which won’t be delayed for more than a year, hopefully not but this is what we have at present….. And only UK looks an easy hit, such a small country and have done serious crimes in different parts of world, the center of Commonwealth, and it won’t survive on long run, I don’t think so, considering their too objectionable involvements in other countries....

    Things are so tough that, we may see an “all out war” to just target voters/tax payers of UK/US, as now we have a people to people war with those democratic countries, US/UK, who don’t have voting rights for rest of the world in their democratic parliamentary election but are involved with serious crimes in other countries. …. and as they have developed few key techs, and as they won't like to give up their grip from rest of world so easily, neither BRIC or other countries may live with the things ongoing too, we are just waiting for a start in this regard from somewhere :coffee:

    And as I mentioned in my last post, and considering the level of serious crimes the UK/Commonwealth nations have organized in most of the parts of world where they dont share voting right in their democratic parliamentary election, we may soon see a certain single day, when UK is totally wiped out from the world map…..

    And it would be the very first step in this ‘would be’ all out war, which has threatened we all :coffee:
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