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Queen Padmini of Chittor- a corner of Indian history.

Discussion in 'General History' started by rcscwc, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. rcscwc

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    Dec 24, 2010
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    Queen Padmini of Chittor- a corner of Indian history.

    This is a chronicle of desperate valor, with tragic end. All Hindus are saddened by it, yet feel proud of it.

    Padmini was the Queen of Chittorgarh and had matchless beauty. The tales of Her beauty reached the ears of Allaudin Khilji, muslim sultan of Delhi. He desired to possess her, but it was easier said than done.

    So he personally went there and besieged Chittorgarh. He sent message to Rana Rattan Singh, Padmini's husband, to say that he would spare the city if he could meet its famous queen. Even this was turned down. The compromise finally reached was that the sultan could look upon Padmini's reflection if he came unarmed into the fort. Accordingly, the sultan went up the hill and glimpsed a reflection of the beautiful Padmini standing by a lotus pool. He thanked his host who courteously escorted Allauddin down to the outer gate-where the sultan's men waited in ambush to take the Rana hostage as a ransom in exchange of Padmini.

    Pals, that was unthinkable!! Honoured Queen raped by Allauddin? No. NO.

    Rajputs decided to meet the devil with his own fires. A messenger informed the sultan that the Rani Herself would come to him, but demands a fitting reception for Her entourage. So 100 curtained palanquins set off down the hill, each carried by six humble bearers and bearing 1 warrior disguised as women. A total of 700 warriors. Once inside the camp of the the sultan, they broke out and played havoc. Soon, of course, all perished.

    The die was cast. Chittor could not hold out. Surrender was unthinkable. The Rani and Her entire entourage of women, the wives of generals and soldiers, sent their children into hiding with loyal retainers. They then dressed their wedding fine , slid their farewells, and singing ancient hymns, boldly entered the mahal and performed jauhar ie enetered the FIRE. It is a historical truth.

    The men, watching with expressionless faces, then donned saffron robes [a sign of DO OR DIE, mostly die], smeared the holy ashes of their women on their foreheads, flung open the gates of the fort and thundered down the hill into the enemy ranks, to fight to the death.

    7,000 Rajputs persihed in that battle to the FINISH. What a pyrrihic victory for Khilji, a DESERTED city!! What did he get, except a heap of ashes?

    PS: We do not know the names of other women. But we call them Padminis. Thousands of Padaminis.

    Padamaini, means LIKE LOTUS, is quite a popular name for females. She is a Goddesss for us Hindus.
  2. Levina

    Levina Guest

    This is such a nonsense story that has been repeatedly told to us.
    So what happens when a lie is repeated a 1000times? It becomes the truth.

    So the story is Allaudin Khilji,who killed his own father in law and uncle, Jalaludin Khilji, and marched into the city of Delhi with Jalaludin's head on pike. He proclaimed himself as the king of Delhi.
    Around then,the strongest opponent of Allaudin Khilji were Rajputs of Mewar, and the seat of Mewar was Chittor. Chittor was then ruled by Rana Ratan singh married to queen Padmini/Padmavati. Padmini was neither his first wife and nor his only wife.
    Fort of Chittor was one of the biggest in India,built by the mauryans, and till then it had never been sacked.
    So Allaudin Khilji came up with a great strategy. He made the rajputs aware that he was about to attack them and then called upon Rana Ratan singh. He made Rana Ratan Singh believe that he was there to meet his beautiful wife Padmini.
    Being a Rajput,Rana was offended but he was aware of Khilji's might so he asked him to come the next day and allowed him to view only her reflection.

    As if Allaudin Khilji was there to really meet Padmini!!!

    Khilji had taken with him his most trusted and experienced generals who, while they waited keenly, examined the fort’s defenses in order to prepare for their attack on Chittor.

    Khilji was no fool. He was well aware of Jauhar (self immolation by royal ladies) and for the same reason he never expected to get Padmini in his harem.
    Btw there are stories that Khilji was in love with his own minster. Yes he was gay. Don't believe me? Read the lines that khilji had written for himself.

    But we Indians love twisted love stories and now we have a film maker making a movie with Padmini and Khilji in love with each other.
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  3. Grevion

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    Oct 20, 2016
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    I have been to the fort of Chittorgarh. It is certainly one of the largest fort ever build in India. I have also seen the place where Rani Padmavati committed johar and the place where Khilji saw the reflection of Rani Padmavati. It wasn't her direct reflection on water but he saw her water reflection on a big mirror which was fitted inside a big room right in the front of the lake house where Padmavati and Rana used to spend time in summers.

    The folklore is that she was so beautiful that while drinking water you can literally see the water going down her throat.

    The fort is not very good due to poor management. Though there are some places one would like to see(inside Chittorgarh fort).

    Vijay Stambh

    Kirti Stambh-

    And Meera Bai Mandir, Chittorgarh -
    Build by her father in law for her to pray to lord Krishna
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  4. Wolfpack

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    Oct 29, 2016
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    You gotta love this twisted love story,which is now being peddled and made into a Movie! As though Rani Padmini was in love with Khilji( Played by none other than Ranveer Singh)
    Just wait too see, that film will be made into some love story,Unless the people of Rajasthan protest and mobilize a campaign against it! Then such fake stories will be peddled to younger generation.

    Some telling, things.
    You know the Mauryans ruled Bharat as Maurya Dynasty, Emperor Ashoka was part of Mauryan Dynasty.
    Now the same Mauryans claim to be Dalits. Swami Prasad Maurya, Keshav Prasad Maurya are now in BJP from UP.
    See, the difference from rulers to Dalits.Don't you think this transformation was part of a 1000 year rule by invaders,who changed our history!
  5. vstol jockey

    vstol jockey Colonel MILITARY STRATEGIST

    Mar 15, 2011
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    I have studied in SS Chittorgarh and have been to this fort many times. Whenever I went to that Jauhar Kund where these Rajputanis went back to god of fire, something happens to the whole body, you get numb, mind stops and you just stand in silence-complete silence of words and thoughts.
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  6. nik141993

    nik141993 2nd Lieutant FULL MEMBER

    Oct 22, 2016
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    this story as fake as prithvi capturing & freeing ghori & killing him with his arrow while being blind & also didn't mongols sacked Delhi while allhudin was busy with seige of chittor
  7. Tejasmk3

    Tejasmk3 2nd Lieutant FULL MEMBER

    Oct 22, 2016
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    Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Padmavati' shooting stalled by Rajput group in Jaipur
    The shooting of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's historical drama 'Padmavati' was today stalled by activists of a Rajput group who created ruckus and even tried to vandalise the set at Jaigarh Fort here, alleging that "wrong facts" were being depicted in the movie.

    In view of the trouble, the filmmaker decided not to shoot the movie here, police said.

    While the shooting of the film, starring Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, was underway, the activists of Karni Sena assembled at the Jaigarh Fort and held a demonstration. Some of them also tried to vandalise the set.

    In the movie, Deepika is playing 'Padmavati' and Ranveer 'Alaudin Khilji'.

    "We had warned the filmmaker against presenting wrong facts. When we came to know about the shooting, we gathered there and protested," said district president of Karni sena Narayan Singh.

    Another activist Vikram Singh said the film is presenting wrong facts about Padmavati.

    "Our basic protest is about distortion of historic facts which will not be tolerated," he said. He alleged that a security guard opened fire in the air which created panic. However, police denied the allegation.

    After the shooting was stalled, Bhansali and his team members talked to the Karni Sena and assured them that their demands would be looked into.

    "The filmmakers have assured that they will not shoot here and will pack up," DCP North Anshuman Bhomia said.

    He said that there was no report of firing and no FIR has been lodged by any party so far.

    Heard the movie is going to show Alaudin Khliji as some love sick guy and whitewash his genocides. Understandable why the Rajput community would be outraged, this sick revisionism is going to crazy levels, people who never learn from history.....

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