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Discussion in 'Indian Air Force' started by Averageamerican, Sep 1, 2017.

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    The plausible though possibly improbable scenario of India fighting a two-front war with China and Pakistan has propelled IAF's security strategy for close to a decade. The induction of a modern Western fighter still remains a dream, even if it comes at the cost of adding more fighter aircraft types to its already diverse menagerie.
    The contract to buy the modest number of Rafales, however, has no transfer of technology clause. This means India cannot repair and upgrade the aircraft. Hence, the government is now again on the lookout for another medium fighter to fill in the gap. Late last year, defence minister Parrikar made an intriguing statement. That India was looking at 'one or two' light fighters to build in the country under Make in India.
    Parrikar had effectively restarted the Medium Multi-role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) campaign but under the benign auspices of his government's Make in India campaign. Three of the fighter jet types bested by the Rafale in the contest are back with offers to build their aircraft locally with attractive offers for transfer of technology. In the past few months, executives from Boeing, which makes the F/A-18 Super Hornet, Lockheed Martin, manufacturer of the F-16, and Sweden's Saab which makes the Gripen, have flocked to South Block with lucrative offers and presentations. (Two other contenders, the Eurofighter and the MiG-35, were not considered). The foreign aerospace firms could partner with private sector firms to make the aircraft in India, thereby reducing the IAF's dependence on HAL. A new waiting game for the IAF may just have begun.

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