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Rahul Gandhi To Lend Shoulder, Support To Akhilesh If Samajwadi Party Splits?

Discussion in 'National Politics' started by Levina, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Levina

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    Rahul Gandhi to lend shoulder, support to Akhilesh if Samajwadi Party splits?
    Political observers pointed that both Rahul and Akhilesh were seen as young Turks who did not have any tolerance, much less reverence, for the old guard, which relies on traditional support from muscle and money.

    Siddhartha Rai | Rajat Rai | Posted by Ashna Kumar
    New Delhi/Lucknow, October 25, 2016 | UPDATED 06:57 IST
    Rahul Gandhiand Akhilesh Yadavare amicable with each other.

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      A Rahul-Akhilesh alliance will change and challenge UP Assembly elections 2017.
    With the warring factions in the Samajwadi Party coming to exchange blows in full public view on Monday, a new axis appears to be emerging in the state - that of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and an embattled SP scion Akhilesh Yadav. Such an alignment has the strength and capability to seriously challenge any aspirant of UP throne in the upcoming 2017 polls, sources in the political circles told Mail Today.

    An indication to this possibility came when hours after the scuffle between uncle Shivpal and nephew Akhilesh, a highlevel meeting of top Congress leaders was presided over by none other than Priyanka Gandhi.


    The huddle is said to have discussed lending support to Akhilesh in the event of a split in the SP and the subsequent floor test in state Assembly. The party's CM face Sheila Dixit and state president Raj Babbar were also present in the meeting. The official Congress line, however, denied any such stand. A possible Akhilesh-Rahul combination has become a moot point of speculation as the two have been seen as cordial to each other of late. Political observers pointed that both Rahul and Akhilesh were seen as young Turks who did not have any tolerance, much less reverence, for the old guard, which relies on traditional support from muscle and money.

    While Rahul had become infamous in his party owing to this attitude, Akhilesh is the new entrant to the club who has finally chosen to come out from under the wings of his father. Those within the SP told Mail Today that the raging fight was as much a family dispute as ideological.

    "Akhilesh wants to recast the party in a modern image as he is convinced that politics has changed and the party too must accordingly. But, this means shunning the old ragged ways of politics represented by Shivpal. The other camp is not ready to relinquish its power in turn," said a SP MLC who requested anonymity.


    The tables could be turned in the event of a Rahul-Akhilesh combination becoming a reality. The Congress, said observers, had always been in the good books of the Muslim community but due to their inability to defeat the BJP could not turn the goodwill into votes. A large chunk of the Muslim votebank could be attracted if Akhilesh forms a front with the Congress. Such a possible scenario, nonetheless, will see a tripartite division of the minority votes in UP giving the BJP succor.

    Hitherto, the BJP has been wary of the Mahabharata in SP as Muslims would gravitate towards the BSP giving it a formidable Dalit-Muslim combination.

    "The SP feud is bad for us and it should end soon," said a top UP BJP leader. "It is for sure - this (split of Muslim votes) will not be a decisive factor in the upcoming poles, but will definitely give an edge to the BSP and the BJP. However, the BSP will be a looser on this ground also", political analyst and retired professor of Allahabad University Janak Pandey said.

    "Of course it a possible. If, at all, Akhilesh splits from the SP, the young brigade will follow him and will not object on any kind of alliance with the Congress (Rahul) that is searching for its lost ground for over a decade in UP," Pandey explained. SP sources said Akhilesh is firm on his agenda of developmental politics and eager to go on with his new bunch of innovative zealots.


    Added to that, the majority of the young blood in the party (leaders and workers) is with Akhilesh. Akhilesh has been seen praising the Congress vice president on several occasions and on various public platforms. "He is nice man and a good boy. He has the potential to work," Akhilesh said recently. He also went on to support the 'Khoon Ki Dalaali' remark by Rahul to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Meanwhile, the Congress has denied any alliance. "We have made our official line very clear and very early on. We are going to polls alone. We will not ally with anyone in UP. How can we fight the polls with SP and BSP who have brought the state to utter shambles. Anyway, we have already even declared our chief ministerial face," said Congress spokesperson Meem Afzal.

    The weakening of the SP owing to the internecine feud has made things easier for Mayawati-led BSP, said observers, as the Muslim votebank could be expected to be more inclined to vote the BSP owing to their traditional opposition to BJP, hence their gravitation towards who was in a better position to drub BJP.

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    Oct 20, 2016
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    The events folding in n UP is the Topi Drama Played to Hide the Failures of SP Government in last 5 Years - Gunda Raj, Development + Merger of Quamo ekta dal (alliance) etc etc., so that none talks about it during Elections...
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  3. Levina

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    Possible possibility.

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