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    Everyone is looking for the solution on how to get you work done in government office without paying bribe but more often than not we end up paying a bribe. By paying bribe we are not only making our society corrupt, but also giving the right to the officials who have assumed that asking for a bribe is their legal rights.

    We usually go to a government office, try to get our work done, while coming out of the government office we regret of giving bribe and that’s it. The story ends there.

    Not now. Now we can report about the person who has asked for bribe. Why we are afraid of taking the name of the government official who has asked for bribe? has is an online platform where you can actually report against such corrupt officers who are thinks taking bribe is their legal rights. Your information will never be disclosed with anyone without your consent. So you, your friends, family members can report against corruption without any fear

    Report Now -
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