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Researchers See Through Walls With 'Wi-Vi'

Discussion in 'Education & Research' started by Rock n Rolla, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Apr 14, 2013
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    Wi-Vi Is X-Ray Vision Using Low Power Wi-Fi Signals

    MIT's computer science & artificial intelligence engineers have developed X-Ray vision using low powered wi-fi signals. The research team has been attempting to build a device that can see through the walls. Thought the ability has already been achieved previously; the technique involves bulky radar technology that uses a part of the electromagnetic spectrum only available to the military. Dina Katabi, professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at MIT and her student Fadel Adib have developed a system that will allow anyone to use this technology.

    Katabi and Adib call the system 'Wi-Vi'. It uses low-cost wireless technology and is low power & is portable as well. It's based on a concept similar to RADAR or SONAR imaging. The device transmits a low-power wi-fi signal and then tracks its reflections to track moving objects. The technology works fine even if the moving objects are shielded by a wall.


    The signal beamed at a wall penetrates through it and reflects from humans on the other side of the wall. However, only a tiny fraction of the transmitted signal makes it to the other side of the wall. The main challenge before Katabi and Fadel was to cancel out all the other reflections in order to keep the reflections only coming from moving human body.

    To achieve this, the team used two transmitter antennas and a single receiver. The two antennas transmit identical signals but one antenna cancels out the signals from the other; through a nulling effect. The receiver is then able to capture only the reflections from moving objects behind the wall. The system analyses the received signal to calculate the the movement and location of the moving object or human.

    The team believes that their innovation will be incredibly useful in disaster recovery, personal safety and even in gaming. The Wi-Vi will be presented at the Sigcomm conference in Hong Kong in August 2013.

    Read more about Wi-Vi X-Ray vision here.

    Wi-Vi Is X-Ray Vision Using Low Power Wi-Fi Signals | CrazyEngineers
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