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Rifle Infobank (auto/semi-auto)

Discussion in 'Tactical Hardware' started by MilSpec, Nov 9, 2016.

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    Doesn't matter from our perspective as we are on a HK blacklist, but serves to know (translated from German) -

    Heckler & Koch introduces HK433
    Oberndorf a. N. (ww) Heckler & Koch has a new Sturmgewehr with the HK433 a good ten years after the Waffenfamilie HK416 / 417.

    The system connects - as HK in a first info - the advantages of HK416 and G36, both known as short-stroke gas pressure loaders with rotary head closure. The modularly constructed, double-sided weapon in the base (5.56 x 45 mm) is not an AR-15 architecture, which eliminates the buffer tube. This allows the assembly of a foldable, length- and height-adjustable shoulder support.


    The transfer lever has an integrated closing aid, can be mounted without tools on both sides of the gun and remains in its position during the closing movement.

    The pipe lengths - 11 ", 12.5", 14.5 ", 16.5", 18.9 "and 20" - are interchangeable on utility level.


    The "Lower" (optional) can be matched to the G36 or the HK416 operating concept (magazine release and closure, depending on the choice of 45/90 or 90/180 degree firing levers). The HK433 uses a cartridge cartridge compatible with the M16 type magazine. In addition to a black-colored version, those with a yellow-black housing (RAL8000) are also available.


    All loading operations can be carried out in the secured state. In accordance with the NATO standard AC225 / D14, safety is given according to the manufacturer in both the secured and the unsecured state. The upper part of the housing has a continuous 4694 rail at 12 o'clock. On the hand guard, a Mil-Std 1913 rail is still attached to 3 and 9 o'clock HKey interfaces and to 6 o'clock. The weight of the weapon varies between 3,250 g (11 ") and 3,650 g (20") depending on the barrel length, the total length is between 843/577 mm (11 ") and 1.060 / 792 mm (20"). The cadence is around 700 rounds / minute.


    First sober statement: The G36 succession brings movement into the industry!
    P.S .: In the February issue of the ES & T, the HK433 is presented in detail in a special section "Munition und Wirkmittel" by Dorothee Frank.


    @MilSpec @Abingdonboy

    So this might as well be the German Army's G36 replacement. In many ways, this, and not the 416 family, is the true HK competitor to the FN SCAR (new action not based on AR15 + foldable stock). Also, this marks a return to HK's traditional forward side-mounted charging handle (reminiscent of the G3, MP5, HK33, PSG-1 types).


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